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Unfolding My Wings, I Fly.

Published 11/01/2016 by inspiringyourspirit


Freedom of mind leaves me with peace, the true peace, tranquility and happiness meant for my life here on Earth within this lifetime.

Freeing my mind and it’s torturous ways and the bindings of thought that hold me back from reaching my full potential. I am a divine being, I am light, I am love, I am one with God and my mind will no longer hold me prisoner within this lifetime.

My destiny is in my own hands, my future happiness is within my control, my mind will no longer play a part in my life because I have chosen to take back the controls and broken free of its grasp, I cut myself free from its bindings and will live my life in happiness with grace and ease.

Today, a new day, a day to be thankful for, a new dawning has given rise to my birthing, the birthing of the new me, a refreshed me, a being of light whose wings of freedom have been bound in the past, hidden from my view, but these wings are now free, they are open and ready to take flight, to soar high into the light, above the clouds that cast darkness on humanity, to take me to new pastures, and a new beginning.

I give thanks for all that I am,

I give thanks for all I will be.

Namaste with Love



The Heart and The Mind

Published 28/09/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


My Dear Friends,

I have been away from my blog for a couple of weeks or so now, searching deep within myself, connecting with my heart, my soul and finding my Divine Self. This journey has been amazing, it has taken me to places within my very being that I have never been before, it has opened me up to emotions and to feelings that have been long repressed by my mind and my ego and it has given me the chance to make peace with and to let go of many things from my life that have been holding me back from reaching my full potential within this lifetime.

To finally making peace with; and to letting go of old belief systems from this lifetime and also connecting me to many previous lifetimes, old Karma, Aspects, contracts and agreements tied to old experiences, and promises made by me and other previous lives. Coming face to face with these has brought me much needed clarity, understanding and closure as to what has in fact been controlling my life thus far, and also the realisation of my future, my spiritual journey and where in fact that is leading me.

My meditations, ceremonies and connections with the Divine Masters has been wonderful, connecting with them each and everyday, channelling them and downloading their messages, their wisdom and their codes for my life, connecting me with places outside of this world, this reality and this dimension and taking me to places I have never dreamed of possible. But now I know different, I have experienced so much in these past few weeks, I have seen, touched and connected with the light and the awesome power from the very heart of God. I’m blessed with this ability and I now hold out my life in service to the light and to help others understand the pathway to the light and what that power will bring to Humanity.

I will share more of this journey with you during the next few months as I take further steps forward on my personal journey of discovery. I will endeavour to share my experiences, some of the codes, mantra’s and messages given to me and to help you in anyway possible so you too may be able to experience this wonderful journey into the light.

Blessings of Love and Light



Kuan Yin’s Day Today.

Published 23/10/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

Hello my dear friends.

My spiritual guides were telling me to go to the Jade Buddha Temple here in Shanghai today because today is a very important day in the Nong Li Chinese calendar. Today is Kuan Yin’s day of enlightenment, the day she was made eligible for Buddahood status, way, way back in Chinese history. I spent a couple of hours or so in deep meditation at the temple today, it was very busy, many tourists and of course thousands of local Chinese going to pray and pay their respects to Kuan Yin the bodhisattva, goddess of compassion and mercy.

Kuan Yin is one of my spiritual guides so we spent some quality time together today. It is always a little funny because I do tend to draw a crowd when i’m deep in meditation at the temple because foreigner tourists cannot inderstand why I a westerner is meditating and praying at a Buddhist temple and local Chinese are also not sure too…. 🙂

Here is the Da Bei Zhou大悲咒 祈禱 Mantra to Kuan Shi Yin. Please watch and listen it is very beautiful 🙂

I also came across this wonderful article on Kuan Yin posted by Linda Backs  on http://consciousconnectionsdailyreadings.blogspot.com courtesy of Doreen Virtue.

Please enjoy my friends and spend a little time with Kuan Yin in meditation today 🙂



Kuan Yin ~ Compassion

Your card today is drawn from the ‘Goddess Guidance’ deck, authored by Doreen Virtue. Your card is the ‘Kuan Yin ~ Compassion’ card, and Doreen’s message for the card is this:
“Release judgments about yourself and others, and focus on the love and light that is within everyone.”

My message for you today is this:
This powerful goddess is a ‘bodhisattva’, which implies that she is eligible for Buddhahood, yet she has committed to remain as a goddess/Ascended Master in service to Souls on Earth.  Kuan Yin (pronounced ‘Kwawn Yin’) assists us in all matters of compassion and mercy, in relation to ourselves and others.  Her gentle energy exemplifies that to be gentle does not imply weakness, as she vehemently protects women and children, encourages those with musical abilities, and accelerates the gift of psychic clairvoyance (clear ‘seeing’) for those with such aptitudes.
We have just moved into Mercury retrograde, beginning Oct. 21st, and will continue in this cosmic energy over the next 3 weeks.  According to United Kingdom astrologist, Sarah Varcas, (www.astro-awakenings.co.uk) the energy of this final Mercury retrograde of 2013 carries the energy of bringing to the surface what needs to be revealed, and, as Sarah states, “…whatever is revealed now is better out in the open than hidden in the shadows.” This Mercury retrograde is about communication and being authentic in doing so.  Sarah concludes her assessment of the energies of this Mercury retrograde by saying, ” So here’s to truth, openness, humility and compassion – the key qualities so vital for an atmosphere of trust and hope to grow.” My reasoning for sharing Sarah’s perspective on the cosmic energies we are moving into is that Quan Yin’s energies are perfect to support us in utilizing these cosmic energies for our greater good!  I believe that that is why she has stepped forward for us today on this first day of the the retrograde…there are no coincidences!  So, call on Quan Yin to support you whenever you are seeking a compassionate perspective, for yourself and others.  Understand that to be gentle does not mean that you are not also powerful, and that gentleness actually reflects a deep inner strength. Understand that to seek to see another’s perspective and to understand their motivation in their communication with you does not mean that you must take on their perspective…at times, another’s perspective can serve to help us determine and CLARIFY what our OWN perspective truly is. Understand that standing in your own power NEVER implies disempowering another…  Kwan Yin‘s desire is that we all be true to and honour ourselves, while also seeing the Divine spark that resides in everyone…yes, everyone!   Embrace the cosmic energy of this current Mercury retrograde to support you in stepping into your own authenticity.  Resist stepping into judgment, and choose compassion…
Blessed be…

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