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Grieving. The Sad Loss Of Robin Williams

Published 13/08/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


How will we deal with grief and the loss of a loved one?

Imagine yourself sitting on the deck of a beautiful white yacht, the sun shining its warm rays on your skin and the wind filling the sails speeding you along a beautiful deep blue ocean. You are watching dolphins playing nearby. They jump out of the water one after another, they spin gracefully through the air in an arc before diving back into the sea.

The arc is not unlike the cycle of life and death for human beings. We appear in this world like the dolphin jumping out of the water, visible for a short time. Before long, we return to mother nature like the dolphin diving back into the ocean, to complete the circle of life that began there.


When a dolphin disappears beneath the waves, we feel no need to grieve because we know it is still there, it is still alright, even if we can no longer see it. Loved ones who pass on are just like that. They have made the transition, but they do not suddenly cease to exist. They are still there. They are still alright, even though we can no longer see them.

One day it will be your turn to pass on yourself. As you plunge into the waves, you will find the dolphins waiting for you. You will be reunited with your loved ones and once again swim with them..together through the infinite oceans of mother nature.

If you know people who are struggling with grief, give them the gift of caring.Talk to them and listen, just be there and offer a shoulder for them to cry on. When the time is right, let them know that we are all part of something that always has been and always will be. There is birth and death for the body, but not for the soul. Share the truth that the passing of a loved one is but a temporary separation, and let the truth set them free.

R.I.P Robin Williams, your relentless pursuit of happiness has made millions of us smile and your tears of joy have kept us company through the years. May you now be freed from your internal suffering and once again join your loved ones and swim free with the dolphins in Mother Earths great and infinite oceans of love.

Namaste with Love My Friends



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