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The World Believes What The Media Wants them To Believe

Published 30/06/2014 by inspiringyourspirit



OMG, Was George Orwell Right?

I have been taking more of an interest on the media’s manipulation of the masses just lately and I’m horrified at what I see, I knew it was bad but I had no idea it was as far reaching as it is. It came to light more so today when one of my Twitter followers tweeted that ‘The Chinese Communist Leaders should not be trusted’, well, I’m obviously not going to comment on that one due to where I live, however I did reply to that statement simply saying ‘Politicians and politics in any country should not be trusted’! and please stop blaming one country for the problems in our world!

We must, if we want to see change happen and see a possible way towards world peace; start working together as one race, and not in a competition against each other for supremacy and power. We must find a way to form media outlets that speak for humanity not on behalf of the powerful global corporations, the rich, the famous or on behalf of one country over another.

Here are a couple of links that really surprised me this talks about 6 of the Biggest Media Lies and Distortions of the Week—Matt Lauer’s Suck Up to Power Edition the link says it all ! , yes, what are they ignoring it?

There is a movement globally towards world peace, we just need to start listening to the right channels to find out more and stop watching and reading the media that is trying very successfully to control our lives.

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