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The Path of Service

Published 13/10/2016 by inspiringyourspirit


My Dear Friends,

So often we confuse our path of service with serving the needs of our ego mind. It is not always easy to know the difference because when we follow our ego mind we may become very stuck in old programs – all that we already know or that others know – such as the programs of our family, friends and even our spiritual connections. These help to keep us in our comfort zone.

Yet, what we do not always understand is that we are here to be in service to the light of God within each one of us and to manifest it on the Earth in some way in accordance to Divine Will. We are here to be guided by our Divine Self, that part of God that sits in the heart of each one of us.

Saint Germain tells us: “There is one primary reason for you to be and that is to manifest the essence of God into the physical dimension.“

We are all emissaries of God’s light on the Earth and we are here to make that light manifest in the physical plane. How do we do that? Open to receive the guidance of our Divine Will because it will always show us the path. Yet are we truly listening and do we know the difference between our divine will and our ego will?

To offer service to our light we are asked to let go all the agenda’s we hold about God’s light – where it is, what it is, how it should look and what it does or does not do. More importantly, we are asked to let go all preconceived ideas about how it manifests in the physical plane. When we hold old programs and beliefs of what this is, then we can only serve through the ego mind.

Our ego mind does not know the heart of God’s light within us, it does not know the Divine Plan of God’s heart, it does not know the mystery of God’s heart and it is limited in what it ‘thinks’ it knows.

So when we serve our ego mind to manifest our path of service to the heart of God’s light we always serve the light with limitation and very often in illusion or distortion.

Yet how do we serve the light to manifest through us in each moment on the Earth? We all have keys and codes within us to assist this to occur. It is for each one of us to make a choice to go deeply within our hearts and connect with our divine light to find these keys so we may truly serve the light of God’s heart to be manifested on the Earth in alignment to the will of our Divine Self.

How we manifest God’s light will be different for each one of us because we are all unique codes of God’s heart. Yes, we are all one but each one of us makes up the whole and each one of us holds specific gifts and codes from the light of God’s heart to manifest on the Earth.

We do not need to know the how and why, all we are being asked to do is to open our hearts and allow the light of God’s heart to flow in our lives every day. When we do this the how and the why always takes care of itself through our alignment to Divine Will.

When we allow Divine Will to flow in our lives it will guide us on the path of service to our light that we are here to follow. Divine Will does not need to be told what to do or how it has to be done by your ego.

Choose to let go your need to control the mystery, let go your need to always know and interpret the heart of God’s light through your mind. Simply open your heart to serve your Divine Light and all will flow in perfect divine order.

In’Easa mabu Ishtar

Namaste with Love



Progress, when and where did it all go wrong!

Published 20/02/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


We all want progress in our lives,
we need it to drive us forward to a better way of living,
new technology brings us greater efficiencies and economies of scale,
but progress is not always great,
it can bring about sadness,
poverty for some and riches for others,
it can stamp out communication abilities whilst increasing our connections,
it can bring about loneliness whilst making more cyber friends,
it can take us away from nature but bring us more pictures
…where will it end and will it be Progress for all and will it include our environment?

Just a thought!

Namaste with Love

Nepsis, the Gift of an Awakened Mind

Published 28/04/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

“Blessed are those servants whom the Lord when He comes shall find watching.”
~ Luke 12:37


 Nepsis, or nipsis, is a Greek word which means to be watchful, alert, and vigilant, and to keep on your guard for illusions and fear, with a clear, sober mind. Parallels could likely be made between Nepsis and the concepts of mindfulness in Buddhism, dhikr in Islam, and devekut in Judism. In spiritual literature, Nepsis is the natural state of an awaken soul:  one that is both connected with the Divine and is self-aware of this connection.


Nepsis is an interesting and important sacred concept, because it is a major requirement for those that practice the teachings of any spiritual path. Nepsis is also an early Christian precept as it was considered as a requirement or virtue that was avidly expected for the seeker to develop during their lifetime. The Essenians and the Fathers of the Desert, thought that evil thoughts were thoughts brought in by demons. These thoughts darken the mind; they bring in doubt, and fear. Nepsis was a way to intentionally “close the gate” to other non Godly thoughts.

st_macarius_the_great_Humanity-Healing-221x300Nepsis, the art of being watchful, can be taught and learned as a means to overcome various spiritual sicknesses. Specific to this process is the watchfulness of the human heart. The ancient traditions thought that Nepsis was the proper way to address and resolve the conflicts of the human nous: the conflicts between the heart and mind.
Stillness within one individual can affect society beyond measure.
~Bede Griffiths
To be involved in Nepsis is to be exercising watchfulness and alertness. It does not mean to be simply guarding our thoughts against the evils of illusions and fears, but also means to guard our thoughts closely: once we have aligned ourselves with Christ-consciousness, we enter a new level of manifestation, and with this gift comes much responsibility.
“Words can be worth silver, but silence is worth gold.”




The cultivation of this “virtue” through the practice of stilling or silencing chatty thoughts, peacefulness of movements and speech ,and internal quietness can turn the mind, the eyes of the soul, and the heart, the source of all our power, into fertile grounds for further spiritual practices, such as deep meditation, contemplation even the applications of Theurgy. With the development of Nepsis, and our attention, comes a charismatic spiritual gift: discernment.


Meditating With Your Spirit Guides

Published 24/01/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


Many people have challenges with the concept of meditation and just exactly what it means. They want to understand how to attain that beautiful state of peaceful bliss. For those practicing advanced spirituality, meditation helps them to strengthen the connection to their source energy. The guides, ascended masters and angels who help convey knowledge, insight and healing heed to this connection. While in a high vibrational state of meditation, you are completely able to control the physical body with the spiritual body and be conscious of it; thereby training your mind to stay in this state while awake. Your body can be in a constant state of renewal and recharge if you are channeling in higher realms during meditation.
The first thing to realize is it is your state of mind and not your location that matter. Some people can meditate and connect in the middle of a crowded and noisy room. They can also zoom in on people and situations going on before anyone else notices a thing. Others are too distracted by every noise and movement in the room to be able to maintain the focus they need.
Your own personal spirit guides surround you at all times with their vibrational energy. When you tap into this stream of spiritual light, their light becomes one within you, and combined with the energy from the Source, it heals our every need. This is the energy of miracles. This amazing force calls upon the Angels. They can hear our prayers, answer our calls to be healed, and lifted up into the vibration of joy and absolute peace. This is the peace all of us long to feel as soon as we are born here. This is the spiritual consciousness that thrives in us and connects us all.
The light which radiated from us when we came here, that we think we might have lost sometimes, is only a prayer, a vision, or a thought away. The ability to call on the souls in the consciousness who love us fearlessly and unconditionally is the super power of pure love which created us to which we will always return to.
As you become accustomed to the energy and the light your guides are bringing in with them, you will start discovering your own unique abilities to communicate. It takes courage and practice. There are many signs of awakening you can experience and build on to strengthen your bond with the souls who are there to assist you from the light. You may be able to feel a presence, a blast of air, a touch on your forehead or hear a bell ring. All of these signs are telling you that your meditations are successful.
Each of us may have our own ways of connecting in our prayers and meditations. There are no rules. If Spirit is coming through to you and healing your needs and comforting your fears, where and how you connect makes no difference. Whether you are standing at the top of a mountain looking out at a beautiful valley or kneeling in a great cathedral, just know you are worthy of all the love you are receiving.


Article by:Judi Lynch. Judi lives near Huntsville, AL and works full time as a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Adviser, Healing Energy Channel, Author and Teacher. She is the founder of the Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit charity dedicated to Healing through raising spiritual consciousness with psychic communication, energy healing, ascension awareness, crystals and meditation. Her first book “Friends with Lights, A True Story” is available on Amazon. Judi is also a Featured Columnist for OM Times Magazine.

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