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Channel from Lord Buddha

Published 25/02/2016 by inspiringyourspirit




My Dear Friends,

I visited the Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai again yesterday morning, this is my local Buddhist Temple and one in which I visit regularly, say my prayers, give my offerings to the Buddha, to my family, ascended family, guides and masters.

On yesterdays visit after I had done my prostration prayers I stood and did a standing meditation in front of the Buddha and I asked him if he would honour me with his grace and channel through me and last night as I slept I received a visit by the Lord Buddha, here are some of his words from that channel.

Dear one, this is the Buddha that has stepped forth to you today, you came to me and asked for a connection to you and here I am. I will share with you today some of my thinking and offer you my support as you continue along your journey of self-discovery. I too set out on a journey of self discovery, I meditated as you do in the hope of finding myself and understanding impermanence, the cause of suffering and what brings happiness and peace to our hearts. During my journey I was joined by many others, this was not my intention; as my journey was my own journey, however these others were also following their own journey of self discovery so they joined me and formed a Sangha where we sat in circle as you do and meditated and contemplated upon our own journeys. It is; Dear One my thought that by creating a circle the collective consciousness and energy of that circle helps raise the frequencies of all within the collective, and enables each one to attain understanding earlier. We must however remember that no journey of self-discovery is alike and we will ascend at different times; as and when we are ready. There is no time limit Dear One and it may not happen within your physical lifetime, but it will happen through Samsara. Remember Dear One that nothing is permanent, everything in life is in a constant flow moving forward; never back, and it is important for you to understand this, because all that you see is not real, only a fabrication and story of what your ego mind tells you about that experience. Life as you see it is based upon how you act or react to each situation that is presented to you, if you choose to judge or act in anger, with hatred or fear then you will create a Karmic reaction that will stay with you and your reincarnations for ever more, so please Dear One choose to act with non-judgement, react or respond with love and compassion and always be open to receive love and compassion as you travel your pathway. I see Dear One that like so many others you seek answers, seek knowledge and seek happiness and love but also remember Dear One that ‘Life is in the being, not in the knowing’, so do not waste your life searching for what is already inside you Dear One, allow yourself to open fully to the light, give up your ego mind and submit to your Divine Will and offer yourself in service to source and you will find your peace and live your happiness.

Blessed Be All Beings, Blessed Be All Beings, Blessed Be All Beings.

Namaste with Love



Kuan Yin’s Day Today.

Published 23/10/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

Hello my dear friends.

My spiritual guides were telling me to go to the Jade Buddha Temple here in Shanghai today because today is a very important day in the Nong Li Chinese calendar. Today is Kuan Yin’s day of enlightenment, the day she was made eligible for Buddahood status, way, way back in Chinese history. I spent a couple of hours or so in deep meditation at the temple today, it was very busy, many tourists and of course thousands of local Chinese going to pray and pay their respects to Kuan Yin the bodhisattva, goddess of compassion and mercy.

Kuan Yin is one of my spiritual guides so we spent some quality time together today. It is always a little funny because I do tend to draw a crowd when i’m deep in meditation at the temple because foreigner tourists cannot inderstand why I a westerner is meditating and praying at a Buddhist temple and local Chinese are also not sure too…. 🙂

Here is the Da Bei Zhou大悲咒 祈禱 Mantra to Kuan Shi Yin. Please watch and listen it is very beautiful 🙂

I also came across this wonderful article on Kuan Yin posted by Linda Backs  on http://consciousconnectionsdailyreadings.blogspot.com courtesy of Doreen Virtue.

Please enjoy my friends and spend a little time with Kuan Yin in meditation today 🙂



Kuan Yin ~ Compassion

Your card today is drawn from the ‘Goddess Guidance’ deck, authored by Doreen Virtue. Your card is the ‘Kuan Yin ~ Compassion’ card, and Doreen’s message for the card is this:
“Release judgments about yourself and others, and focus on the love and light that is within everyone.”

My message for you today is this:
This powerful goddess is a ‘bodhisattva’, which implies that she is eligible for Buddhahood, yet she has committed to remain as a goddess/Ascended Master in service to Souls on Earth.  Kuan Yin (pronounced ‘Kwawn Yin’) assists us in all matters of compassion and mercy, in relation to ourselves and others.  Her gentle energy exemplifies that to be gentle does not imply weakness, as she vehemently protects women and children, encourages those with musical abilities, and accelerates the gift of psychic clairvoyance (clear ‘seeing’) for those with such aptitudes.
We have just moved into Mercury retrograde, beginning Oct. 21st, and will continue in this cosmic energy over the next 3 weeks.  According to United Kingdom astrologist, Sarah Varcas, (www.astro-awakenings.co.uk) the energy of this final Mercury retrograde of 2013 carries the energy of bringing to the surface what needs to be revealed, and, as Sarah states, “…whatever is revealed now is better out in the open than hidden in the shadows.” This Mercury retrograde is about communication and being authentic in doing so.  Sarah concludes her assessment of the energies of this Mercury retrograde by saying, ” So here’s to truth, openness, humility and compassion – the key qualities so vital for an atmosphere of trust and hope to grow.” My reasoning for sharing Sarah’s perspective on the cosmic energies we are moving into is that Quan Yin’s energies are perfect to support us in utilizing these cosmic energies for our greater good!  I believe that that is why she has stepped forward for us today on this first day of the the retrograde…there are no coincidences!  So, call on Quan Yin to support you whenever you are seeking a compassionate perspective, for yourself and others.  Understand that to be gentle does not mean that you are not also powerful, and that gentleness actually reflects a deep inner strength. Understand that to seek to see another’s perspective and to understand their motivation in their communication with you does not mean that you must take on their perspective…at times, another’s perspective can serve to help us determine and CLARIFY what our OWN perspective truly is. Understand that standing in your own power NEVER implies disempowering another…  Kwan Yin‘s desire is that we all be true to and honour ourselves, while also seeing the Divine spark that resides in everyone…yes, everyone!   Embrace the cosmic energy of this current Mercury retrograde to support you in stepping into your own authenticity.  Resist stepping into judgment, and choose compassion…
Blessed be…

Jade Buddha Temple

Published 14/02/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


Nimen Hao 你们好 Hi Everyone 🙂

May and I are off to the Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai today, today is the 5th day of January in the Chinese Nongli Calendar so the fifth day of the new year is the God of Wealth’s birthday.

In northern China, people eat jiǎozi (simplified Chinese: 饺子; traditional Chinese: 餃子), or dumplings, on the morning of pòwǔ (破五). In Taiwan, businesses traditionally re-open on the next day (the sixth day), accompanied by firecrackers. It is also common in China that on the 5th day people will shoot off firecrackers to get Guan Yu’s attention, thus ensuring his favor and good fortune for the new year., it’s also February 14th Valentines day in the Gregorian Calendar (Western Calendar) so we have plenty to pray for 🙂



The Jade Buddha Temple (Chinese: 玉佛禅寺; pinyin: Yùfó Chán Sì, literally Jade Buddha Chan Temple) is a Buddhist temple in Shanghai, China. As with many modern Chinese Buddhist temples, the current temple draws from both the Pure Land and Chan traditions of Mahayana Buddhism. It was founded in 1882 with two jade Buddha statues imported to Shanghai from Burma by sea. These were a sitting Buddha (1.95 metres tall, 3 tonnes)


and a smaller reclining Buddha representing Buddha’s death.


The temple now also contains a much larger reclining Buddha made of marble, donated from Singapore.

I will pray for Peace, Happiness, Compassion, Good Health, Friendship and Love.



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