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A Prayer At Christmas

Published 23/12/2015 by inspiringyourspirit



My Dear Friends,

At this time of year we are so busy with the commercialism of Christmas, chasing around like busy bees, spending all our hard earned money on things we probably don’t need, buying way, way too much food and either enjoying every moment of the festivities or for many of us cringing at the very thought of having to go through this again!

My dear teacher In’easa mabu Ishtar posted this wonderful article and prayer especially for Christmas, I do hope you like it?

Namaste with Love



I firmly believe that Christmas time has been created so that we all have the potential to resolve a little of our karma and let go the old stories that keep us trapped in our past, limited in our future and not always present in our lives.

It is the perfect opportunity, as we come together with the group of souls who are our greatest teachers and mirrors on the journey. It is these souls who are are constant reminders of what we hold inside ourselves that needs to be brought into the light again. They also remind us of who and what we are.

And this Christmas is extra special because it falls right on a full moon, a full moon in the sign of Cancer. Cancer is the astrological sign that is all about emotions, families, love, caring, healing, mothers, children, hearth and home.

The last full moon to fall on Christmas Day was in 1977 and the next will be 2034. So all around the planet we are being given the perfect gift right now to let go the old, heal the past and open to the light in our hearts for our families and loved ones.

I am praying that all around the world in all communities we choose to open our hearts to this wonderful opportunity the Universe is giving us. Will you join me in this prayer? (See prayer below)

At this time of the year we often find ourselves face to face with our old stories from the past as we connect with our families and bloodlines. Many of these stories have remained dormant in our memories until we suddenly find ourselves sitting across from the mirror at the Christmas table.

Perhaps it is our elder brother that used to tease us and treat us like the younger sibling we were, yet how we hated this. Perhaps it is another sibling who bullied us unfairly and unwisely. Each story a trigger for the karma that sits inside of us telling us that we are not good enough or worthy enough.

Perhaps it is a painful memory of not being loved or supported as a child and we suddenly begin to revert to the unhappy or angry child we once were under the roof of our parent’s house.

Each time an old story arises we may become triggered and emotions we have not felt for the whole year may resurface. These emotions rise in us like  a volcano and, no matter what we may have promised ourselves that morning about not letting drunken Uncle Tommy upset us or Mum’s snide remarks about our weight get us riled up, we suddenly become overwhelmed by the feelings we have successfully managed to ignore or keep in check all year.

When this occurs we are suddenly back in the old stories of our past that come up again for us to look at.

Across the family Christmas table the energy cords of attachment are running like bright lines of light everywhere connecting each one of our family members and these energetic attachments cause us to go into reaction and response.

Yet as you sit with your families and loved ones this year I am going to ask you to remember the truth of who you are. Please remember that you are a divine being of light. You are not your old story. Please take a deep breath and open your heart and embrace your divine truth and not your illusion.

Let go your need to want to change this old story and create a different outcome – even now after all these years. The story is in the past, the experience is over. It is time to let it go. You are no longer living this experience again unless you are choosing to recreate it. You are no longer the child who feels unloved or lost, you no longer have to be the victim of someone else’s pain or projections.

Instead of trying to change the story or the person or persons involved in the story choose to let it go. Leave it in the past where it belongs. Do not bring it into the present where it does not belong.

If you are in reaction it is because you have never let the story go and you are still holding the consciousness you created in yourself when you responded to this experience. This is the karma you created. The cause is the experience – the effect is what you are still holding that you created in reaction to this experience. You cannot change the experience but you can change the effect.

The effect is the story you told yourself about yourself in reaction to this experience. So what story did you create about yourself when you had this experience? What did you tell yourself? It is this story that you need to let go of now.

Often the child will tell herself that she is not loved because her parents did not behave or act in a way that she wanted and expected. Therefore she told herself the story that she is not loved or loveable.

Perhaps when the child was bullied he told himself that he would never be strong enough to stand up to the bullies so he created the story he was weak and useless. Whenever this is mirrored to him he becomes very angry at himself and everyone else and may even become a bully himself in later years.

There are so many stories we create about who and what we are from our experiences, particularly when we are children. Yet these are not our truth today, unless we choose to believe the stories we created and repeat the them again and again.

Have you ever wondered why four siblings growing up in the same household with the same parents will have completely different versions of their childhood? It is because each soul comes in with different karma to resolve from past incarnations. This karma will drive them to create the stories they create that are unique to them because it each child has a different point of view of the same experience due to the karma they hold inside themselves.

Please try to remember that everyone is creating their own reality in each moment and this reality may be very different to your reality because even though we are all One we are also all unique with our own gifts and karma.

As you sit down with your family this year please try to see each person as a soul, a being of divine light, and not just as a personality. Each one of these beautiful souls has come to support you in some way, even if you may not like the way they are doing it.

Often it they are there to mirror back to you the karma that you hold deep inside you that needs to be resolved. They have come to remind you to let it go. Others have also come to mirror back to you your light. The question for you is are you willing and ready to open your heart to receive the gift they have come to offer to you?

Choose to open your heart and remember who you truly are this Christmas and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to heal and resolve the past so you are free to live unencumbered in the now and create your future with peace, love and joy in your heart.

I offer this prayer out now to all souls. Please join me:

May we choose to open our hearts to our divine truth and let go our illusions
May we choose to see the divine light of each other’s hearts
May we accept that each being is a divine being of light
May we honor the divine light in each other and accept we are One together
May all pain and suffering be released now
May all old stories be released now
May all we hold that creates separation be forgiven and released now
May we choose to honor all beings and hold them in our hearts as One with us
May we be blessed with love and compassion and offer this to all we meet
We affirm that we are divine light
We affirm that we are divine love
We affirm that we are all divine children of God
Blessed be all beings on the Earth
Blessed be all beings on the Earth
Blessed be all beings on the Earth

Merry Christmas My Dear Blogging Friends

Published 25/12/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


Merry Christmas My Dear Friends

May you be blessed with Love, Happiness, Good Health and Abundance

Give your Love to Those in Need This Christmas

Namaste with Love



He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands

Published 19/12/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

Naomi Feil, founder of Validation Therapy, shares a breakthrough moment of communication with Gladys Wilson, a woman who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2000 and is virtually non-verbal. Learn more at

The wonders of faith, kindness, compassion and the healing powers of music and touch that Naomi uses connect with these Alzheimers patients right to their very soul, a wonderful and lovely thing to see.

My dear friends, this short video will bring tears to your eyes and hopefully open your mind to the thought that we ARE all connected through love.

Namaste with Love



Sow some seeds of Love

Published 26/08/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


When we genuinely wish another person love, wellness and happiness we are creating good Karma and sowing the seeds of long term Peace and Happiness. Just think! – If every person in the world took just ten minutes to wish another person peace and happiness, then for ten minutes this world would be crime and violence free for those ten minutes!

Kindness Cards and Wish Cards are ways by which we can sow the seeds of peace and create the flow of Good Karma in our lives. I just love watching the face of somebody light up like just-switched-on-Christmas-tree lights when I send them a Wish Card or Kindness Card with simple words like ‘I’m Thinking of You each and everyday’, I wish your days are filled with Love and Happiness’, ‘Peace and Joy my Friend’, ‘My Love for you is Endless’, ‘I’m always with you’, ‘Our Hearts, Minds and Souls are Connected every minute of everyday’…and so on.


The gift of Happiness is one of the most precious gifts we are able to give another human being and even more when another contemplates what has just happened to them and then wants to pass on the gift to yet another person. This is gift is the heart of the Mindfulness. In meditation we become Mindful of the suffering, pain, disappointment and despair of others and cause this to dissolve our self-cherishing/ego nature – a bit like an effervescent soluble aspirin dissolving in a glass of water. Then we imagine ourselves to be a Wishing Jewel wishing the causes and conditions of happiness for others. For a split moment when we take on the suffering of another and become the wishing jewel we dissolve another piece of the self-cherishing part of ourselves; which locks us into our own cocoon of despair and unhappiness. Why don’t you create a set of Wish Cards that you can send on to your family and friends? Send them via text or video message and watch the joy that they create ☺ Go on…give it a try, sow some seeds of Peace and Good Karma today.

I wish you all, love, joy and lives filled with deep Happiness.


“Nothing To Attain . . . “

Published 14/04/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

This excellent post is from a blogging friend of mine Rising Hawk



Bodhisattva Siddhartha Gautama determines that if he’s really going to attain enlightenment, the bowl will float upstream. And so it does… He subsquently attains enlightenment that very night. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why do I do what I do?

Why do I spend my time writing, blogging, risking being labeled as crazy, developing, devising, and suggesting methods to “attain” something which is already present?

I often ask myself this question. The entire premise seems ridiculous when viewed as I just described it. I don’t get paid, I’m not famous, and I have no scheduled appearances on any of Oprah’s programs, or tours with Wayne Dyer. And, “What is he talking about,” you may ask.

It’s one word. The term most often kicked around is “enlightenment.”

This word conjures up images of half-naked sages in mountain caves, or wise ones in flowing robes, and a whole litany of other associated notions. Just for the record, the outward appearance and the actual state itself are not related – at all.

If you come across a half-naked sage throwing dust on his head, or a man or woman in a saffron-colored robe with a bald head, or a person in some other form of “priestly” attire, or a very spiritual title, you are looking at an advertisement.

I do not mean that to be taken in the negative connotation of capitalist commercialism, (though that may sometimes be the case). What I mean is that these people are outwardly presenting the fact that they have a story to tell – specifically, about how they “discovered” what was never missing, how it changed their experience of life in a positive way, and maybe how what they learned could help you, too.

Personally, I find myself less and less interested in the idea of “enlightenment” when it comes to sharing and teaching. I AM enlightened…and so are you. The very moment that we take the position of wishing to attain the state, we “lose” it: You get caught in the trap of looking for something that isn’t missing. But there is a challenge. Although you are enlightened, that fact may very well be hidden from you by that master of illusion – your brain.

This is what ALL of the teachings about “enlightenment,” or finding true and lasting deep peace, or being the embodiment of compassion and so forth, are designed to address. We need a method of “getting around” our brain and selfish egos – and they play AMAZING defense.

You see, if you aren’t worried about anything, and have no expectations, no fear of death or rejection, and move through life without a care – totally at peace with the ebb and flow of existence – well, your ego does not like that at all.

I can recall when I first realized a glimpse of this state. The very first, (and immediate), words that arose in my mind were, “I have to re-think everything about my life now!” And that was quickly followed by a panicked, “You can’t do this!”

What is your brain going to do if you aren’t worrying? What will your mind do if you aren’t thinking everything to death? How can you relate to anyone or anything if the precious “identity” that you have worked so hard to build is no longer valid? What happens when you “die” to self, (as Jesus, Buddha, and practically every other spiritual master has taught us we must do in order to see God)?  I have the answer to those questions: NOTHING changes except your perspective. In that instant, all of your interactions are filled with…peace…and Divine love…and compassion.

So, there are times that I write about methods that can assist you in getting around the brain’s stubborn and relentless defense. I certainly do not do so for fame, or for recognition, (good thing, or I would be sorely disappointed)! I do it in an effort to end the mental suffering and anguish that so many put themselves through every day. And your realization of that dynamic peace will spread like wildfire into every nook and cranny of your existence; even more wonderfully, into the existence of those around you.

Understand, there is nothing to attain – but that “nothing” is hidden from many. Reflect upon this when you have a chance – it may bear you much precious fruit.

Keep Soaring,

Rising Hawk

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