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Healing Your Creation Temple ~ A Meditation from Quan Yin

Published 03/03/2017 by inspiringyourspirit


We are the Quan Yin and we wish to share with you this day our beloved sisters and brothers. We thank you for your time and energies. We offer you a Rose of Dispensation and an Elixir of Light now to support your energy to open and release all that.

Choose now to open up your heart and be in the light now. Allow the energies of the light to flow through you. Breathe in deeply now and focus on your sacral chakra.

As you open the sacral chakra, feel the light of love fill the sacral chakra now, our beloveds. Ask now for this light to lift all wounds in your sacral chakra.

We place now a yellow rose in the sacral chakra and it begins to open and grow and expand now. Open your energies and allow for this expansion to occur now, dear ones.

Speak softly to your sacral chakra and ask it to surrender to the light all the memories it holds now. It is not just about the feminine energies held in the sacral, but it also includes the masculine energies held in this sacral chakra. It is the chakra of your creation.

The sacral chakra holds the original memories of your creation and separation from Source. It is in this chakra that these memories are held for all time.

We ask you now to breathe in deeply and allow these memories to be released. If you feel any pain or discomfort in your body, we ask you to simply become aware of this and focus your love on this area as your breathe deeply in and out.

Continue with this breath for five minutes or more as you place your focus on the heart of the sacral chakra. Focus on this place within you.

The healing angels and three archangels come to you now to assist with this, as we come to hold you now in this time. Call for us now to be with you.

Where the wounds have manifested within your physical body the healing angels begin to work on this area and the organs around it, so you may feel a tingle or a pulling here. We ask you to breathe through this gently and deeply.

You may wish to tone or to sound aloud as this occurs for you, dear ones. As this healing begins to take place, know that it is also taking place on all other levels of your light body.

This sacral chakra holds many memories from all the dimensions in your multi-dimensional bodies and this clearing occurs now to assist you in your creation of Self and the life you are choosing to manifest on Earth.

We ask you now to visualise yourself in your sacral temple, your temple of creation. For some it will be a golden temple with large columns of light, for others it may be crystalline temple in its nature, and for some it will be pure white and luminous.

Choose to open and expand your heart energy in this temple and fill it with the love from your heart. Feel the energies expand now as your sacral temple becomes filled with the loving essence of your being.

The Masters and the Angels are with you to assist you with their energies and to lift your energies into a higher vibration.

You may feel this tingling through your body now in the physical. As you stand in your creation temple you see a long corridor and we ask you now to walk along this corridor.

It has many doors on both sides and as you walk you will feel called to enter these doorways. As you step inside a doorway you may see or hear other beings in this room. These are the soul aspects of your memories held in the sacral.

We ask you now to explore these rooms and doorways as you feel called. Some may feel inclined to step into many rooms and some may only wish to enter one. All is perfect for you in divine timing, dear ones.

As you open to reconnect with these memories we will help you to clear them from your sacral creation temple and restore them to God again.

Work with your souls aspects now and allow them to show you the memory they hold in this room, if they feel they need to show you. We ask you to hold the love vibration in your heart through this connection and to speak to them with love in your words and your being.

Send these soul aspects love now. Send this love to their hearts and allow them to be filled with this vibration.

Ask them now to surrender all they hold in separation memory to God, to the Source of all that is. Ask them to forgive now all that has occurred across all time, space and dimension and across all planes and on all levels.

Some of you, beloved ones, may need to call on the karmic council for release of any karma consciousness that is held over these memories. Simply call the karmic council and then ask them for karmic absolution in regard to this now. Wait for their response. We will intercede on your behalf and lift the karma to the light of God’s heart.

Many soul aspects may need to break agreements and vows or contracts they have made and we ask you to ask them if this is the case. Ask them simply, do you need to break any agreements or vows you have made. If they say yes, then do so.

When this is complete for you ask them now to release all memories and associations of their aspects in this dimension now to God and to place it all in the eternal flame of God’s heart until these aspects are standing before you in their true nature of light, in their true being, no longer hidden by the dark veils of memories and emotions. When they are in their true nature of light ask them to merge with you in your heart.

Send a rainbow bridge of light to them with love from your heart and ask them to walk across this bridge into your heart. Embrace them as they come to you with love and compassion and surrender to this process. They merge now with you back into the One heart of all that is through your heart and this divine healing process.

We ask you to remember to breathe through this process and to ask for assistance at all times from us, the Quan Yin,  and the Angels of healing that are with you during this process.

When you have completed one room of old karmic memories, you may continue down the corridor doing the same until you feel there are no more rooms you need to enter at this time.

Then continue all the way to the end of the corridor where you walk through a doorway into a chamber of healing. Stand within this chamber and a golden shower of light flows over you, surrounding you. The chamber then fills up with golden light completely and you find that you are floating in this chamber of golden light. Breathe and simply allow this process to occur.

As it does you feel your body completely give way to the energies and it makes you feel profoundly relaxed. You may even release a large sigh, as if all is released now.

Remain in this healing chamber for the time you feel is needed for you.

When you are ready to leave, continue through the door on the other side. An emissary of light is waiting for you on the other side with a robe of white and gold light to place over you.

The emissary takes you back to the main room of your creation temple and asks you to lie on the beautiful white and golden bed that is on the floor. Red roses are scattered all around this bed as you are asked to lie down.

Voices begin to sing to you now in the temple, gently at first, until they build to a crescendo. The vibration of these voices runs through every part of your body. You may at times feel like you are levitating from the bed in your temple.

Breathe now and allow this healing to occur. You may feel hands being placed upon your sacral chakra and your heart chakra, or other parts of your body. Breathe as this occurs. Breathe in the energy of healing that is being offered to you. Remain here in the temple until you feel it is complete.

At this time you may feel like toning or sounding aloud in your own language or you may simply feel like being in the quiet of your true creation nature. Allow whatever comes for you at this time, dear ones, to complete this healing.

Know that your sacral chakra is your divine creation chakra, the creation of all that you are. It assists you to be all that you are in your true nature of light. It supports you to create for yourself all you need to create on this Earth now. It is the chakra of fertile creation and manifestation. It assists you to manifest all in your life that you need to continue your journey and to walk on your path.

We love you, our beloved sisters and brothers. In faith and love, namaste to you.

In’Easa Mabu Ishtar


Channeled Message from Kuan Yin

Published 07/02/2016 by inspiringyourspirit


My Dear Friends,

During my morning meditation and whilst sitting in love with my own Group Heart, I was blessed by Kuan Yin coming to our Group Heart and offering a message for me, below is the message that I recorded and it is typed, word for word.

Blessings of Love to you dear hearts, this is Kuan Yin that steps to you today on this eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year, the year of the Red Fire Monkey, I step to you today to give you these words and during the year of the Fire Monkey there will be a great deal of time and opportunity for you to open your hearts, to hold out your hands to others who are in need, who are in need of love and compassion for their lives. These opportunities will be placed to you throughout the year of the Fire Monkey and it is you and your Divine Will that will decide on whether you act or react on these opportunities, to extend out your Divine Love and your Divine Compassion as it is your will. I say to you Dear Hearts that by offering yourself in service as a disciple of God; of Source, you will reap the benefits of receiving whilst you also give. Because by the act of giving you are also receiving; as you share you receive, as you hold out your hand to one in need; you will receive a hand in return to support you in your spiritual journey. I say to you Dear Hearts to open your heart, give of your love and compassion freely and the enlightenment that you will receive will be with you for all of your days, through all space, time and dimensions. Your group heart will benefit also from this generosity that you give, and your energy, your frequencies will grow as you expand. Your expansion of love and compassion has no bounds as the more you give; the more your will receive, the more you give; the more you will receive. Give of your love freely and remember dear hearts to also open your hearts to receive the love in return, for you dear one are a being of light; in service to God, to Source, so you too; may share in the love and compassion that humanity holds for you. This is my gift to you on the Eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year, may you be blessed with loving kindness, compassion and harmony and may you move through the Year of the Fire Monkey in good health, in good spirits and may you be successful in all that you do. Namaste dear ones, Namaste.

I feel so blessed to receive this message from Kuan Yin and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Happy Chinese New Year, Xin Nian Kuai Le, Gong Xi Fa Cai , 新年快乐,恭喜发财 with Love to you all for a wonderful year, Love Mark

Namaste with Love



Kuan Yin’s Day Today.

Published 23/10/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

Hello my dear friends.

My spiritual guides were telling me to go to the Jade Buddha Temple here in Shanghai today because today is a very important day in the Nong Li Chinese calendar. Today is Kuan Yin’s day of enlightenment, the day she was made eligible for Buddahood status, way, way back in Chinese history. I spent a couple of hours or so in deep meditation at the temple today, it was very busy, many tourists and of course thousands of local Chinese going to pray and pay their respects to Kuan Yin the bodhisattva, goddess of compassion and mercy.

Kuan Yin is one of my spiritual guides so we spent some quality time together today. It is always a little funny because I do tend to draw a crowd when i’m deep in meditation at the temple because foreigner tourists cannot inderstand why I a westerner is meditating and praying at a Buddhist temple and local Chinese are also not sure too…. 🙂

Here is the Da Bei Zhou大悲咒 祈禱 Mantra to Kuan Shi Yin. Please watch and listen it is very beautiful 🙂

I also came across this wonderful article on Kuan Yin posted by Linda Backs  on http://consciousconnectionsdailyreadings.blogspot.com courtesy of Doreen Virtue.

Please enjoy my friends and spend a little time with Kuan Yin in meditation today 🙂



Kuan Yin ~ Compassion

Your card today is drawn from the ‘Goddess Guidance’ deck, authored by Doreen Virtue. Your card is the ‘Kuan Yin ~ Compassion’ card, and Doreen’s message for the card is this:
“Release judgments about yourself and others, and focus on the love and light that is within everyone.”

My message for you today is this:
This powerful goddess is a ‘bodhisattva’, which implies that she is eligible for Buddhahood, yet she has committed to remain as a goddess/Ascended Master in service to Souls on Earth.  Kuan Yin (pronounced ‘Kwawn Yin’) assists us in all matters of compassion and mercy, in relation to ourselves and others.  Her gentle energy exemplifies that to be gentle does not imply weakness, as she vehemently protects women and children, encourages those with musical abilities, and accelerates the gift of psychic clairvoyance (clear ‘seeing’) for those with such aptitudes.
We have just moved into Mercury retrograde, beginning Oct. 21st, and will continue in this cosmic energy over the next 3 weeks.  According to United Kingdom astrologist, Sarah Varcas, (www.astro-awakenings.co.uk) the energy of this final Mercury retrograde of 2013 carries the energy of bringing to the surface what needs to be revealed, and, as Sarah states, “…whatever is revealed now is better out in the open than hidden in the shadows.” This Mercury retrograde is about communication and being authentic in doing so.  Sarah concludes her assessment of the energies of this Mercury retrograde by saying, ” So here’s to truth, openness, humility and compassion – the key qualities so vital for an atmosphere of trust and hope to grow.” My reasoning for sharing Sarah’s perspective on the cosmic energies we are moving into is that Quan Yin’s energies are perfect to support us in utilizing these cosmic energies for our greater good!  I believe that that is why she has stepped forward for us today on this first day of the the retrograde…there are no coincidences!  So, call on Quan Yin to support you whenever you are seeking a compassionate perspective, for yourself and others.  Understand that to be gentle does not mean that you are not also powerful, and that gentleness actually reflects a deep inner strength. Understand that to seek to see another’s perspective and to understand their motivation in their communication with you does not mean that you must take on their perspective…at times, another’s perspective can serve to help us determine and CLARIFY what our OWN perspective truly is. Understand that standing in your own power NEVER implies disempowering another…  Kwan Yin‘s desire is that we all be true to and honour ourselves, while also seeing the Divine spark that resides in everyone…yes, everyone!   Embrace the cosmic energy of this current Mercury retrograde to support you in stepping into your own authenticity.  Resist stepping into judgment, and choose compassion…
Blessed be…

Butterflies of Peace

Published 23/08/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


I first heard the story of the Peace Butterfly from a poor Chinese farming family near Tian Mu Shan in Zhejiang Province. The grandmother had heard it from a traditional Chinese Story Teller. It is not known if it is “true” but there is great “truth” in it. Wu said it was sad that the story was discontinued being passed on. He said it had great power. You will find this if you look carefully.

It is a story of Peace. It is not just a “pretty” story or “cute” or “sweet” story. It is a story of transformation. Look below the surface and see what you can find. It is my mission to keep it alive and from it give disadvantaged rural children an opportunity to education.

This story was told to me by a farmer who lives near the village of Shi Ta Wan near Zaoxi in China. He is not sure where the story comes from but he thinks it from Yunnan Province. He said it does not matter. He told me that the people often used to tell the story “to keep it alive.” He regrets that for a long time now the people have forgotten to tell it.

A long time ago there lived a hermit monk called San Qi. He lived in a hut beside a mountain stream. During his time there was much violence and war as local war lords tried to grasp power. There was much sadness and suffering and many families had lost not only their belongings but also family members who were killed in the wars.

San Qi was very sad. Daily he prayed that the Bodhisattva Kuan Yin would bring peace to the land.

One night he had a dream. In the dream Kuan Yin in all her beauty appeared to San Qi. She told him that a battle was to begin between two towns the following day. She instructed him to play his bamboo flute with all his skill beside the mountain stream. With that, she took the form of a butterfly and flew into the clouds.

The following day, San Qi, disturbed by the news of impending battle and astonished by the dream did as he was told in the dream. He sat on a rock beside the gentle mountain stream and began to play a soft melody on his flute. He played with great care and skill. The notes were like wisps of breeze as they floated melodiously about him. Suddenly there appeared a beautiful blue butterfly dancing about his head to the wooden tones of his flute. Then two appeared of different colours; then a third, then dozens then hundreds. Before long there were thousands upon thousands of exquisitely colourful butterflies. As San Qi continued to play the butterflies ascended towards the sky.

Down in the valley the armies and people of both cities were facing each other ready for the battle. The archers had drawn their bows with arrows posed for the kill. Suddenly there descended from the sky the thousands upon thousands of butterflies. There was such a host that the sun was darkened by their presence. Afraid that if they released their arrows the soldiers of both sides would kill the butterflies and afraid that this was a sign from the heavens they put down their weapons and felt great shame.

A young man who had been collecting Bamboo in the mountains above the village told the people he had heard a heavenly sound of flute coming from beside a stream. When he went to investigate he saw the monk San Qi playing his flute surrounded by a host of butterflies.

Before long the word had spread in the two towns. That very evening the people of the waring towns came together and lit candles and incense to the Buddha for showing them the way to peace and happiness.

It was decided that every year the villagers would tell the story of San Qi and remember the way of peace and happiness. People began to grow many coloured flowers to attract the butterflies and there was much happiness through the region.

This is the story of San Qi and the Peace butterflies.


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