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Prioritising Solutions to Your Problems

Published 27/02/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


Chinese Wisdom:

Once there was a man walking along a empty road. Suddenly he heard a feeble cry. He looked around but saw nothing. Thinking he heard nothing, he continued to walk along. Once more he heard the faint cry. This time the call was nearby. He searched high and low, and found the sound was coming out of a little fish lying in a drying pond, his mouth was bubbling.

That fellow looked at the fish strangely and asked: “Was that you who were just calling me? Did you need my help? “

The small fish looking suppliant at the man gasping and breathless said, “Please save me quickly, I am dying, I need water. I am not a normal fish, rather I am the eastern sea dragon’s official.  Please give me a little water.”

That person hearing this quickly nodded his head and said: “I understand, I will immediately go to the south and let the southern king direct a river to here so that you can swim and return to the eastern sea.”

The fish angrily cried out, “Can a fish live out of water? I am only in need of a little water. Your idea is pointless. I think that the next time you see me will be in a shop that sells dried fish. “

Moral : Sometimes an “ideal” solution isn’t practical because it requires too much time in a time-critical situation.

Enjoy your weekend and don’t overthink too much, sometimes the solution to your life’s problems is easier than your mind will allow you to believe.

Namaste with Love



Going with the Flow of Life

Published 16/02/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


Do not struggle with life.
Go with the flow of things,
and you will find yourself
at one with the
mysterious unity of the universe.

Self observation brings man to the
realisation of the necessity of self change.
And in observing himself
a man notices that self observation itself
brings about certain changes in his
inner processes.
He begins to understand that
self observation
is an instrument of self change,
a means of

and remember..

You are never alone or hopeless
during your life’s journey.
The force that guides the stars
guides you too.

Namaste with Love

Fear and Love

Published 03/02/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


Fear and Love

Life can be unpredictable, so we worry about things going wrong, and sometimes our worries can become sever anxieties. We fear possible accidents and imaginary disasters, even though they will probably never come to pass. In extreme cases, such fears can be debilitating.

There is an answer put forward by Lao Tzu in the Tao. Fear is like darkness in the mind. When it grows out of balance, it becomes a terror that can completely warp your thinking. Fortunately, it is not difficult to counter the power of this darkness by turning your awareness to love.

Love is the illumination of life. It brightens your world, warms you up and gives you strength. You can do anything you set your mind to, when its brilliance energises your thoughts and actions. There can be no darkness or fear when you walk the Tao with love lighting your way. Always walk the light.

Whenever you feel the darkness of fear closing in on you, turn to the light. Who do you love? ‘ Fix that person and your love for them in your minds eye and hold that love in your heart’ It is that essence of love that is at the core of your very existence, and that is what makes it infinitely more powerful than fear. Use its illumination to banish the darkness from your life and live with joy and love in your heart once again.

Namaste with Love



Some Wonderful Wise Words From Lao Tzu 老子 That Still Ring True After 2,600+Years

Published 21/08/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

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Lao Tzu always spoke of going with the flow of life, be like water and you will always find a way, and if you want to help awaken others then first understand yourself and awaken yourself. Learn the gifts of silence and listening as they are two of the greatest strengths for you to possess my friends and always remember to give to others from your heart, and you will reap benefits in return and lastly be thankful and grateful for all you have in your life, once you reach this understanding then you will realize that there is nothing lacking in your life and therefore nothing else matters, you will then be at peace with yourself and the world.


I will be traveling for the next few weeks but I will try to post as and when I can. Peace and Love to you all.

Namaste with Love



The Devoted Buddhist, a Story of Deception

Published 16/05/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


The Devoted Buddhist

One upon a time in ancient China, there were two thieves, Jia and Yi, who found themselves down on their luck. Both had been starving for days when they came across a Buddhist temple. The smell of cooked food wafted from its general direction and made them even hungrier.

Yi was the first to speak “Let’s go ask for some food.”
Jia replied. “What if they are not willing to share? We may need to resort to force.”
Yi shook his head. “That is not a good idea. These monks come from the Shaolin lineage.
They are quite capable of defending themselves. You and I would have no chance against them.”

Jia thought for a moment and said, “I have an idea. We’ll tell them we are devout Buddhists.”

Yi was doubtful. “But we are not religious at all.”
“You can say that about yourself if you want. I am going to be the most devoted Buddhist they have ever seen. “ Jia said as he knocked on the door.

“Yes?” A monk opened the door.
“May merciful Buddha bless you!” Jia exclaimed. “ I bring you humble greetings from the Shaolin temple, where I am an enthusiastic patron serving the monks, who of course belong to the same honorable lineage as yourself. O Great Master.”

“How about you, sir?” The monk turned to Yi. “Are you also of our faith?”
“Uh…No, I am not very religious.”
“Very well. Please come in, gentlemen. “ The monk pointed to the hallway and said to Yi: “Sir, the kitchen is in that direction. You will find that it is well stocked. Please help yourself to whatever food you want.”

The Monk then took Jia’s hand with a friendly smile: “Sir, you can follow me to the inner chamber. Since you are of our order, you must already know today is a fasting day. We are glad to see you come such a long way to join us in meditation.
“This way please.”

The Tao

This is the ultimate Tao story about deception. With a few quick strokes, it sketches the human tendency to deceive, and the consequences that follow.
Lau Tzu addresses the same subject in the Tao Te Ching chapter 65 with the following lines:-

Therefore, using cleverness to govern the state
Is being a thief of the state
Not using cleverness to govern the state
Is being a blessing of the state

We can understand the above when we recall that Lao Tzu habitually uses this king of metaphor for one’s self, and the country as a metaphor for life. Thus, governing the state simply means life management. Cleverness, in this context, refers to the ploys we use to deceive. Just like Jia in the story, we think of ourselves as being quite clever when we conjure up our various tricks.

Lao Tzu’s message is clear: In practicing deception against others, we are actually stealing from ourselves. We may think we have gained a benefit, but it is an illusion that will soon be revealed as a loss. This describes Jia’s fate in the story. He hoped to win and advantage, but ended up depriving himself of a much-needed meal when his trick backfired on him.

At a deeper level, this story addresses not just the immediate effect of deception, but also it’s eventual consequence. Jia’s ploy backfired right away, but real life may not work out this way. Sometimes it takes a while for the true consequence to unfold. We may think, for a short time, that we have gotten away with it, but the sages teach us that there is no escape from Karma. We will have to answer for our actions sooner or later.


I do hope you have enjoyed this Buddhist story and the metaphors used by Lao Tzu to explain the process and the consequence?

Namaste with Love my friends



Published 29/10/2012 by inspiringyourspirit

Life is a series of
natural and spontaneous
Don’t resist them – that
only creates sorrow.
Let reality be reality.
Let things flow naturally forward
in whatever way they like.

Cultivating Wisdom and True Knowledge

Published 26/10/2012 by inspiringyourspirit

“For a person who cultivates wisdom or true knowledge,
the results are inner peace, satisfaction, patience,
respect for others, freedom from duplicity, compassion,
joyfulness, remembrance of his/her spiritual identity,
freedom from fear or death,
freedom from anxiety and depression,
and so on”.




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