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Published 14/10/2016 by inspiringyourspirit


My Dear Friends,

Positivity.. noun. ….’The quality or state of being positive’. “Something that is positive’

What does this word really mean to me and to you?….Well, I believe that waking up with a positive attitude is really important to our lives, positivity brings us to where we want to be, it connects us to our heart, it connects us to our divine self, to our true self and it takes us away from our negative self, our ego-self!

We believe that things or people make us unhappy, but this is not accurate. We make ourselves unhappy. Very little is needed to make our lives happy; we all already possess this skill,  it’s all to do with our way of thinking.

Suffering and the onslaught of negativity and pain is brought on from our desires. Our desire to remain in the current state, to keep our youthful looks, our trim figure, our beautiful hair, our desire to gain wealth, desire to achieve greater control, greater power, more authority, our desire for sensual pleasures, for alcohol, drugs, food, money, and of course our desire to be happy….So we constantly strive to find this happiness everywhere, we seek it each and every day, we see people on the street, on the TV in the media who look happy in their big houses, their jobs, in their we want the same, right?

I have learned that happiness starts within, it starts with our thoughts and our positivity helps is live happy contented lives, I know for sure that when my ego mind steps up, then my happiness and positivity levels drop through the floor. It eats away at you, controls you, and brings you down to its level, to where it wants you to be.

So, I have decided that ‘positivity’ is my new keyword, I have been through a lot, especially over these past few months. This has allowed my ego mind to play tricks on me, to put me in ‘The Victim’ mode, to make me feel sorry for myself, to allow me to have negative thoughts about all that I do, and all that happens to me. My negative emotions have taken control of my life…..and, ‘enough is enough’…I’m taking my life back,

……I’m taking my life back, I’m getting back in the saddle, taking up the reigns again for my life, I’m moving on, I’m holding my head high and ‘I’m happy 🙂

So, this morning when my dogs came in to wake me, I got up straight away, I greeted them with a smile as they wagged their tails and gave me their usual dose of unconditional love, I gave thanks in prayer to The Buddha, to the Ascended Masters, to My Parents, to my family and friends, and I vowed to continue my journey of self-discovery with a new vigour, with a bounce in my step, and with new love in my heart, a new love for me, for the person I am and for the person I will be.

Namaste with Love



I am this, I am that, Iot’s of Little , ‘I’s

Published 12/08/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


My Dear Friends,


I was wondering how many times per day we say ‘I’ , I’,m not feeling well, I’m fed up, I dont’t agree, I don’t like that, I love you, I want that, I want this, I, I I…

The little ‘I’s, the personality is composed of countless fragments called little ‘I’s, all of which counted together form our image of ourselves.. These little ‘I’s, acting autonomously and often contradicting one other, take turns directing our personality – for example, the jealous ‘I’, the complaining ‘I’, the submissive ‘I’, the dominant ‘I’, etc. Without realising it, we can constantly take ourselves to be one of these little ‘I’s, which gives us the impression of being one, whereas we are in fact completely fragmented.

The Higher ‘I’, is the true nature of man, it is even further from his lower ‘I’ ( all of his little ‘I’s) than his essence. It gradually awakens in us as we develop our essence. this higher ‘I’ is composed of two higher parts of our being (the higher emotional center and the higher intellectual center ) which can only manifest when they receive nourishment of high quality, a nourishment that can only be provided by our essence. By purifying our lower ‘I’, our essence can develop and our higher emotional and intellectual centers can become active, allowing our higher ‘I’ to manifest.

Our Higher ‘I’ is at one with God, Source, your Higher Self, keep cultivating it and you will benefit from its awakening 🙂

Namaste with Love




The Most Important Question You Can Ask

Published 20/01/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


If you are working on your spiritual self the most important question is –

“What do I feel about me…right now?”

Having self-esteem means learning to love the one you see in the mirror first, and then taking care of the rest of the world.

Having self-esteem means… I think loving thoughts about myself.
Having self-esteem means… I behave in loving ways towards myself.
Having self-esteem means… I react in loving ways towards myself.
Having self-esteem means… My actions are consistently loving towards myself.
Having self-esteem means… I trust myself and my judgement.

If you feel good about the one you see in the mirror… then reward the child within with a small treat… something special 🙂

If you feel bad about yourself… then don’t beat yourself up, don’t fall prey to guilt and shame, just see in your minds eye that next time you’ll do things differently.

You’re not perfect, no one is perfect, and you came to this planet as the Divine essence of God to learn… and love yourself at the same time.

That’s the most important aspect of self-esteem… learning to love yourself as you learn.

So Love Yourself and start enjoying what this life has to offer 🙂


Cherishing the vulnerable Child

Published 17/01/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


Many people feel alone, unloved, and unworthy… and those feelings spring from within. When we start seeing how wonderful we are, how supportive, caring, and nurturing we can be, life takes on a whole new light.
But it takes opening up our soul and acknowledging our pain, suffering, and feelings of being alone before we can start healing. We must first embrace the inner child’s feelings… thus opening ourselves up to be vulnerable.
In this day and age being vulnerability is looked upon as weakness, something to be shunned and pushed away. But in reality we become “real” in the process of opening ourselves up to all our flaws… thus we can change. For growth never happens to a sapling it if shuns all the manure that’s piled up around the trunk… and fertilizer for the soul is just what we need to challenge our perceptions of who we think we are.
There is no way we can go out on a limb and be strong without first being vulnerable to our own faults. Those in leadership positions who think they have all the answers are not willing to open up and be vulnerable, vulnerability means they can be wrong… that’s something we are missing right now.
Being real means we can express our feelings deeply and know that it’s great. For we are being genuine and truthful and at the same time being caring and compassionate.
Being vulnerable means it’s OK to be afraid, but if we cover our fears with ego, ego takes over sending us in a direction where we are puffed up with the egos need to be right… unable to hear the truth.
For there is great strength in being vulnerable, and great strength in truth, for truth in the end is another word for peace, and peace is what we deserve as children of God, the Cosmos, The Tao, and the Universe.

Source Dr Paul Haider


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