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Some bad news has arrived and I need your help!

Published 13/12/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

Smiling Mum

My Dear Friends,

At approximately 10:40am yesterday the 12th December I came across a post by Shanta Gabriel at, regarding a MerKaBa light initiation process that was going to happen all around our world on the 12th December at 12:12, Shanta articulated the process regarding how we could connect to source, set our intentions and fill our bodies with heaven’s light. So at approximately 10:45 am yesterday the 12th December I set my intentions to connect to source and receive the healing power, healing for me and for me to then pass on to anyone who needs it.

At approximately 10:50am my wife called me to tell me her sister has been diagnosed with a throat tumor, a Thyroid Neoplasm. Her family are rural farmers from mid northern China where they typically only earn a couple of dollars per day, they are hard working happy people, loving, kind and true to family and friends, they adore me and have taken me into their family with open arms, I have spent many happy days with them in their village and taken hundreds of photographs of them and their village life. It is certainly a place of smiles but also of sadness. Nearly two years ago almost to the day, my wives brother in law (sisters husband) fell from a roof while helping his son install a solar water heating system to someone’s village house, he had no safety equipment (this is China) and hit the ground head first, My wife and I were in the UK at the time tending to my father who subsequently passed away while we were with him so we were unaware of her sisters husbands accident. The local hospital in their county told them he was unlikely to survive the trauma as his skull had smashed into his brain and even if he did survive then he would most likely have severe brain damage, they told my sister in law that the cost for surgery would be around 30,000 $ after the subsidy they would receive from the farmers insurance subsistence, and, the surgery would need to be carried out in Xian; the capitol city of their province a 3 + hour car drive away, she was also told that he would unlikely make it through the night!

My wife’s sister and two children were really shocked by the news and traumatized about the surgery costs of which they did not have, my wife’s sister knew they did not have the money but the children pleaded with her to go ahead with the surgery (the surgery would not be arranged or completed unless the full amount was paid in full), so she went to the village elders and told them the situation, all families within the village put their hands in the pockets, raided their savings and used money they had put aside for next years crops and seeds. Everything was put on the line, all these families dug deep to help my sister in law’s family when they needed it most!

The surgery went ahead, his life was saved, he now has a hole in his skull the size of a tennis ball, he is slightly impaired but he is a father, grandfather and husband again but he has never been made aware of the costs of the surgery and the money owed to the villagers. When May and I returned from the UK, we were told of this situation, they said they did not want to trouble us because we were also going through our own traumas and grief with the passing of my father…But what could we do? We could not see these farming families suffer and not be able to buy seeds and crops this year, so May and I found the money ourselves and we paid them back. Now we are in the same situation once again but this time with my sister in law, we are awaiting information from the hospitals to find out the nature of the tumor and the costs of the surgery if needed.

So at exactly 12:12am yesterday the 12th December I started to meditate, I went through the process exactly as Shanta Gabriel had said, I set my intentions to receive pure light and healing energy, I brought the energy into every cell of my body, I said my prayers for myself, my family, my friends, for humanity and our planet and asked for special assistance to go to my sister in law in her time of need, I focused on her tumor, I started to cough heavily, my throat was sore but I breathed it away, I then received a very deep pain in my side but I breathed that away too, I targeted my energy to her and at exactly 12:24am I opened my eyes and awoke from my meditation (exactly 12:24, 12 minutes meditation, this was amazing).

So my dear friends, I would like you to think of my sister in law, please send us some pure source healing energy.

Namaste with Love



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