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How Important is Our Environment To You And Your Family?

Published 16/08/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


Computers, mobile phones, social media, computer games, on-line studying…. Technology brings us everything these days, which is great because without technology the internet and social media I would not be writing this blog post right now, and without these wonders of our modern world, you my friends in many different countries around the world would not be able to communicate with me with seconds of me pressing the publish button!

So I do have a great admiration for technology and what great benefits it brings to our lives, however I also feel that our children and grandchildren are somewhat missing out on what mother nature and our environment can bring to us, the beauty, the colours, the smells and the sheer enjoyment of spending time outdoors away from technology once i a while should be enjoyed by every child and without your help as a parent or grandparent, our children are likely to stay inside, fixed to a computer screen, chatting with their friends by IM and maybe even reading about or watching videos containing nature.

Give them the opportunity to experience nature and they will, I’m sure, have a wonderful time.

Allow your children and grandchildren to become aware of our environment and how they themselves can help save our planet and its endangered species so they in-turn can pass on this love to their children and grandchildren.


Namaste with Love




Planet Earth…It’s You

Published 16/10/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

Viewer discretion is required to watch this video, but I assure you it is  MUST watch…..

We Must Make Changes,

We Must remember it is their world too,

We are destroying our planet,

Our Earth is hungry for our Love,

Why do we remain silent?

We are dying to along with our Planet.

We are capable of conquering Oceans, Planets but we cannot conquer our own hearts!

We must change our habits, we must educate our children,

We must Change!

Our Time is Now, the future of our planet is still in our hands

The Future of our planet is… YOU!



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