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The Endless Nativity of Light

Published 21/01/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


Life is eternal and everywhere
Yet remains a quality precious,
Treasured and rare.

Receive the quality of openness and
Know clarity,
Centeredness, and know focus,
Playfulness, and know joy;
Receive the quality of humility
And know the greatness of life.

Without openness there is separation
Without centeredness, interference
Without playfulness, decay

Without humility, the endless repetition
of pain.

Humility is the highest blessing of
Through it the great serve the lowly
And the lowly serve the great.
In this way the Universe ever uplifts
The endless nativity of light.

Namaste with love

Trust..So Important in Life

Published 20/01/2015 by inspiringyourspirit



Trust, where do I begin,
Trust, it’s hard to gain
Trust, Its hard to give
Trust, wanted in love
Trust, needed for life

Trust, built to last, or not
Trust, hurts like hell when lost
Trust, must be there in business and in life
Trust, loosing it starts wars
Trust, friendships won or lost

Trust, leads to the heart
Trust, ends in happiness or in tears
Trust, is a must.

Namaste with Love

Who Does Heaven Love Most?

Published 17/01/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


My Dear Friends,

One man kills for peace
Another man lives for it;
Yet the first man loves his dog
And beats his children,
And the other loves his children
And beats his dog.
Would you be so bold as to declare
Which man heaven loves most?

Love’s flame glows
In both victor and vanquished.
Who has won?
Who has lost?
God lives in both master and slave.
Who is beating whom?

It’s been written, “All that has happened,
Has had to happen.
All that must happen
Must happen.”
So who can stand outside the circle of
To Direct it’s grasp?

I do hope you all have a great weekend
Namaste with Love

Centre Yourself First in Wholeness

Published 15/12/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


Centre Yourself on Wholeness

If all the scientists, analysts, and
theorists disappeared today,
Not one part of truth would be lost.

If all the judges,lawyers, priests, holymen and
prosecutors disappeared,
Not one part of morality would be lost.

If all the investors, speculators,
bankers and brokers disappeared,
not one part of wealth would be lost.

On the contrary, truth, love,
and abundance
Would be more easily received.

Center yourself first in Wholeness
And all the parts will be yours.

Namaste with Love

The Difficult Challenge Is Met With Joy.

Published 03/12/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

smiles in sad hearts

In action find stillness.

Seek the simple kernel

At the heart of every matter.

See the greatness in a small kindly gesture.

Make forgiveness your intention

And your enemies your allies.

Love is perceived in all you meet.

Civilized man, afraid of natures simplicity

Creates complex problems;

The healer creates wholeness

By loving whomever God has put in his way.

When there is trust, promises are not required

And the difficult challenge is met with joy.

Namaste with Love



My Wife, My Love, My Passion

Published 15/10/2014 by inspiringyourspirit



Happiness is in her smile

Joy is in her step

Laughter is in her voice

Love is in her heart

Gentleness is in her touch

Gracefulness is in her movement

Calmness is her nature

Compassion in all that she does

Gratitude for all she has

Understanding of all my faults

Patient each and every day

Loving kindness always unconditional

My Wife

My Love

My Passion


Namaste with Love



Do You Still Love Yourself, Do You Need a Reminder of How Great You Are?

Published 15/09/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


Some days, I’m not so sure!
I wake up and start my day, I amble out of bed
Feeling tired, lethargic and grumpy
More sleep needed maybe, more time to rest, to lie dormant and be; just me!


A pick me up coffee to raise my spirits, its heady smell and strong taste slapping me awake like a hand to my face
Or does it help suppress my mind, control my senses and take away my creativity
Breakfast…Oh no, that’s for wimps, no time for that in my busy life
Off to the bathroom for me instead, the slow walk to that place of awakening


The mirror lies before me, standing proud and tall the size of my wall, no place to hide
I’m naked for my eyes to see, Ohh a sight for sore eyes and not for the faint at heart
Too much fat hiding my chin, my eyes are red and sleepy, lids wanting to close and sleep once again
Plenty of excess around my middle, my arms my hips, my rear, it appeared overnight, I think!

Is my hair receding even further, is that a spot on my face
I’m no teenager, where have they come from, maybe a memory of day’s gone bye
What’s that hair doing coming from my ears and nose, should it not be on my head
It wasn’t there yesterday, my body it would seem to be out of control


A clean shave is what I need and into the shower I go
The fresh warm water cascading down upon my head
Awakening my body and my soul
Water cleansing, washing away my negativity, bringing life back to my body like rain to a seed

The towel meets my skin, rough and soft all at the same time
The water disappearing into the fabric, leaving my skin soft and dry
A splash of aftershave hits my jaw, awakens my senses to the sweet smell of summer
Stepping into my trousers, and a fresh shirt completes my attire


Looking into the mirror a new man, a new day, a new opportunity
I love my self again, I’m happy in my skin, I’m proud of what I have achieved
I’m off to start a fresh day, out into our wonderful world, more people to help, more spirits to lift
Opening the door, the sun greets my face it awakens me to mother nature, warm and gentle welcoming me once again

Stepping down my steps I feel my breath, catching the fresh morning air
Feet touching the ground with a steady momentum, taking me on to more challenges in life
I hear the sounds of our world, the noise of the city, millions moving towards their day, but if I listen carefully there is so much more to hear


The quietness of nature, birds in song, the soft rustling of leaves as the gentle breeze passes through the trees
Mothers walking their children to school, grandparents exercising in the gardens their slow Tai Chi movements, bringing life to their aging bones
Ladies dancing under the trees, awakening their limbs and bringing smiles of joy to their faces


I am indeed grateful for all I have in my life
I have a gift, the gift of sight, the gift of sound, the gift of smell, and the gift of touch
The ability to realize all that is around me, the gift is LIFE itself
So easy to forget in our crazy non stop world, so easy to loose sight of what we have, So easy to fall into the hands of the media and follow their never ending tales of doom and gloom

I do love my life; I do love my world
I’m thankful and grateful for another day to share this gift with you

Namaste with Love

The Time Is Now: What Will You Do?

Published 16/07/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

My Dear Friends,

I was blessed to be drawn to this wonderful video poem by Jamie Dunmore, his message is clear as he speaks to the world as a ‘Human Being’ asking us a simple question…What Will You Do?

Please take the time to watch this wonderful short video and please share with your networks because it is indeed ‘Time For Change’

Namaste with Love



Feeling Lost and Alone

Published 16/06/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


Feeling Lost and Alone

Some days my heart is lost, lost in its own special world

Wandering about in its own state of emptiness

The feeling of loss like a deep abyss

As tears well up in my eyes, my heart misses a beat

My body not in control, my emotions running wild

My mind conjuring up many things; sad but true, the magician of my life

The skin on my face is weighted by bad experience

And my brow takes the strain of the world

I sit alone with memories of old flashing through my mind

Children playing, happiness and joy, my family, my loved ones, my life perfection

Then the arguments, the rage, the tears, the pain and the disappointments of life

Forever etched deeply in my mind

The need to break free from this torment, so difficult to do, broken hearts and minds are left behind

Cutting the chains that anchored me to so much pain, the abuse, the humiliation

The tears of sadness, the screams of rage, still echo in my heart

Each day I remember, each day I cry, and each day I wish the pain will end

People move on and change their lives, hiding their guilt and passing the blame

My heart knows the truth, my soul to bear; my memories forever remain

But as each day dawns, a new start, a new life, a chance to break free, forever

So from behind the mask a tear falls but outside a smile is free

My prayers are for life, for love, for happiness and compassion for all

No one to blame only me

The pain for a reason, bringing me understanding and experience to my heart

Meditation for the mind taking me closer to understanding…..me

As the tears of mother earth wash the pebbles in a stream since the dawn of time

So to do my tears, cleansing my soul, washing away my pain

Step by step, day by day

Getting stronger, living life, breaking free

Holding out a hand in kindness, brings kindness in return

A smile begets a smile

Love brings love

Today is a new day, my heart beating a new love of life and for me

Namaste with Love



Your Empty Heart Needs Some Love

Published 13/06/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


Your Empty Heart Needs Some Love

Life feeling empty
With no love in your heart
Only sadness and disappointment prevail
A yearning for more, like your lost in the mists of time

Life feeling empty
With no one to love, no one to hold and no one to care
Life feeling empty
When you are alone and in despair

Life can be beautiful; life can be kind
Beauty and love are alive in your heart
Calming your mind and connecting with your soul
Allowing your heart to speak to you with love and compassion

The messages are there for us all to hear
Gentle whispers at first, gaining strength day by day
Connecting with our inner child, allowing us to break free
Free from the darkness and into the light, the light of loving-kindness

Freeing us from pain, bringing us love, our pathway to happiness in life
And be loved in return, unconditionally
Our heart filled with joy, our minds are at rest
Bringing smiles to our face and a spring to our step

Life is good; life is kind
Open your hearts and control your mind
Today is your awakening, a new start to life
Remember, your special and one of a kind

Namaste with Love

He Who Speaks

Published 11/06/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


He who speaks
does not know
He who knows
does not speak

He who understands
does not preach

Temper your judgements and
your words

Smooth out your differences and
forgive disagreements

Dull your cleverness and
simplify your motives

Be open to the world as it

Then, friendship and enmity
Profit and loss
Honor and disgrace
Will all be the same:
The world unfolding

Namaste with Love

I See

Published 22/05/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

I See

I see your indifference
But I want to warm the cold heart
I see,
In fact, I am yet to accept your indifference

I see your pain
But I want to end the pain
I see,
In fact, I did not accompany your pain

I see your selfishness
But I judge your selfishness
I see,
In fact, it was driven by my selfishness

I see your anger
But try to get rid of your anger
I see,
In fact, I did not let you feel angry

I see your anxiety
But I feel worry about your anxiety
I see,
In fact, I start being anxious
I see your weakness
But I do not know which hand shall I use to give you a hug
I see,
In fact, I am feeling weak now as well

I see your beauty
And I appreciate your beauty
I see,
I am getting beautiful now as well

I see your kindness
And I am delighted with your kindness
I see,
Originally I have such kindness as well

I see you are true
And believing in your truth
I see,
Originally I am also being true

I see you are firm
And see the gentle accompanying
I see,
I am firm and gentle now

I see you are strong
And feeling the flexibility of the strength
I see,
I start having such power now
I see your humbleness
And feeling the self-confidence inside
I see,
I start am being humble as well

I see your peacefulness
And feeling the peaceful mercy
I see,
I am walking towards mercies now

I see your open-heart
And hugging your open-heart
I see,
In fact, I am opening my heart as well
I see you giving
Without any condition
I see,
In fact, I am learning how to share myself

I see your purity
Simply just,
Do what you want to do
Love who you want to love
Walk on the road you want to
Cry when you feel pain
Laugh when you feel happy
Rest when you feel tired
Go on when you are fine
I see myself too

If only see it, that’s only seeing
And accepting what we see
But not immediately thinking what shall be changed
Through seeing
I see myself
And I also see
The original purity and completeness of life

seeing the light








If My Heart Had Windows

Published 05/05/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


If my heart had windows you’d see a heart full of love just for you
A tear may appear when I hold you near but that’s for the sweet things you do
If my heart had windows you’d see a heart full of love just for you
By your side I’ll stay till we’re old and gray remembering the young moments we knew
If my heart had windows you’d see a heart full of love just for you
A thief couldn’t steal the joy that I feel heaven for me has come true
If my heart had windows you’d see a heart full of love just for you
If my heart had windows you’d see you would remain forever and ‘Always’ in my heart
If my heart had windows you’d see a heart full of love just for you

If my heart had windows the view would be resplendent, fields of flowers all colours of the rainbow, rivers flowing through the mountainside and into the sea, birds flying by on wings so high, fluffy white clouds sheltering the bright sunshine on clear blue sky, a grass as green as emeralds and trees all around providing shelter to all of God’s creations.

Does your heart have windows?

Namaste with Love


Communication and the Lost Art of Conversation

Published 17/02/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


Communication and The Lost Art of Conversation

I’m here in a restaurant, no one is talking
Heads down
Peering into their hands
Their iPhone, their iPad, their electronic Screens

The screen that takes them away from reality
To other worlds of fantasy of dreams
Are they free or caught in a trap?
The world of lost communication, of direction being re-directed

Friends, families and loved ones
All heads down, fingers moving swiftly, click, click click
Sitting together with no conversation, no signs of life
All lost in their own little world

Worlds of self
Worlds of fantasy
Worlds of intrigue
Worlds of gossip

No love, no compassion, no cares here
In and out, one sight then the next
Moving on with no loyalty and no love lost
Today number one, tomorrow dead and gone

No face-to-face communication, no words spoken
Growing up, and growing old
No life skills, no interaction
All signs of visible life are lost

Confusion reigns and body language gone
The selfie to show whom you are
But are you that selfie or is it fake
Your alter Ego taking control

Where will it end?
The corporations richer, manipulating our fingers to their hearts desire
More controls over us, our thoughts, our lives
The lost art of communication

The End

Namaste with Love

today i went inside my head

Published 13/02/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


My Dear Friends,

Today I went inside my head
Closed my eyes and took a breath
I can feel the coolness of the air as it enters my nose
And the warmth as it exits my mouth

Slow and deep breaths I take
In and hold
Out and hold
Paying attention to the now

How do I feel, what do I feel
Oh there’s a thought
Say hi and thank you
But your not needed now, so please go away

The pure new energy is entering my lungs
Fueling my heart
Into my bloodstream
Passing through my body like cars on a highway

Into my arms, my hands and my fingers
Rushing through my body
To every organ, to every cell
Nourishing me as it makes its way

But how do I feel..
At peace for now
Deeper and deeper I go
Into my mind

To a place where I’m safe
My tranquil place
My garden of truth
My home

No one can touch me here
It’s for me and for me alone
My dreams are here
I’m loved here

I can stay or I can return
It’s my choice
It’s my life
My meditation

Namaste With Love

From Above the Clouds Beauty and Life is Created

Published 18/12/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


Above the clouds

The sky is blue

The sun is bright

And all is calm.

gift from god

The rays of light shine down

Towards the earth

Pushing their way

Toward your skin

To keep you warm.


The suns rays warm the earth

Promoting growth

Encouraging birth.


Seedlings sprout

Their heads held high

Upwards they push

Toward the sky.


Buds form on tops of stems

Holding a mystery deep inside

Petals untwine and burst open with Joy.


To the world

A new creation

God’s gift

A sweet sensation

Life, and beauty for all to see

My Dear Friends,

Another attempt at poetry 🙂

Namaste with Love



The Lotus, its beauty awakens to our world

Published 04/12/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


There it sits in all its glory
Perfect pink petals open to the world for all to see

It’s center core burning bright and golden like the sun,
Its stamen fluttering like ballerina’s dancing in the gentle breeze, attracting Bees

Pollination is its goal and its final destination in life
Born from the murky depths of the lake entrapped in mud


Until one day, life awakens its core and the journey to the surface begins
A gentle bud pushing away the mud, rising up to reach the sky

Onward and upward it grows, rising up to break the surface and out into the air, to take its first breath


The coolness of the morning dew settles on the newly formed leaves as they open and spread their way under the jewel, the flower to be


Dragonflies dance from leaf to leaf, butterflies come and go and golden fish play their games of hide and seek below

water fish pond koi artwork lotus flower 1504x991 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_4

The time has come; the grand opening is here, the splash of colour, the gentleness, the joy,
The happiness and smiles on the faces of those who see its birth
Its beauty, its simplicity, its colour, its texture

The Lotus,
A flower worthy of the Buddha
The seat of enlightenment

Nature’s perfection, a gift from high.

Namaste with Love

My River, My Journey, My Life

Published 29/11/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

My Dear Friends,

I’m far from being a poet or a writer but the following words just sprang from nowhere, they are from my heart you might say, or maybe from my higher self, who knows! But I guess its sort of my first attempt at poetry ☺ Your comments, thoughts and suggestions are always welcome my friends, and, as I have said before; if you need my help, would like me to write or comment on any particular subject or gain a response to anything, please let me know.

With Love

Water Flow

My River, My Journey, My Life

My life is like a river constantly flowing to a fro,
From rock to rock,
From pool to pool,
My journey is far and long,
From mountain top, to valley below,
Across the plains and to the sea.

Along the way I see many sights and experience many things, meet people from every culture, religion and status;
Some good some bad,
but each encounter allows me a chance to learn,
To feel,
To embrace,
To laugh,
To cry,
To love or to simply walk away,
It’s my choice what I decide to take on board with me on my journey and what to cast away from my boat.

I collect experiences and feelings as my journey continues,
at some points my boat is slowed by the lack of wind,
my progress is halted at times,
but things pick up as the wind of life changes my course,
my direction once again becomes clear and on I go,
pushing forward to new horizons.
Some days the clouds cover my pathway,
the storms effect my steering and my journey becomes unpleasant and often dangerous.
I take rest, I meditate, I re calculate my path,
the clouds part, the sun shines and the soft wind once again catches my sails and off I go again,
along the river of my life.

My River, My Journey and My life, goes with the flow

Does Yours?

Namaste with Love

Can we make ‘Compassion and Love’ for Others a Habit?

Published 18/07/2013 by inspiringyourspirit







My dear friends,

Following on from my post on the 17th July    ‘Is it a difficult choice?’    I was answering a comment from a blogging friend re compassion and I thought,  ‘Can we make ‘ Compassion and Love a Habit?’  …..And here we are, with that thought clearly in my mind I thought I would ask you the same question.

Question:     ‘Can we make ‘ Compassion and Love a Habit?’

I would really appreciate your thoughts on this really important question, because if we can come up with answers to this we could be on to something and then find a way to get the message out via our social media groups and contacts to the world.

Please feel free to add your thoughts, ideas and suggestions, because together we are strong, and together we can make a difference and together we could bring compassion and love to others and we can make compassion and love a habit 🙂

Namaste my friends



Published 29/06/2013 by inspiringyourspirit



  • Silence is a true friend who never betrays
  • A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.
  • Friendship… is not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.
  • One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.
  • A friend to all is a friend to none.



Of all the relationships we have, it is our friends who most directly reveal the kind of person we are.


If you want to really understand someone, have a look at their circle of friends, this will tell you what their values and priorities are- after all, as is often shown, birds of a feather flock together.

However, friends are divided into good and bad. The right sort of friend can help you a lot, but the bad sort can bring you a great deal of trouble, and many even lead you down the wrong pathway in your life. Having the ability to choose your friends wisely is a great skill and will stand you in good stead.

So what kind of friend is a good friend? And what kind of friend is a bad friend? And how can we make sure we make good friends?


If we take a look at Confucianism we can see that Confucius attached a great deal of importance to friendship and what effects friends had on a persons development. Confucius also taught his students how to make good friends, and avoid the bad ones.

Confucius said there are three types of friends in this world who can help us.



The first are straight friends  (and, he did not mean heterosexual) J Straight here means upright, honest and fair-minded.

A straight friend is sincere, has a good heart, they have a bright, cheery and openness about them, without a trace of flattery. Their character will have a good influence on your own. They give you courage when you are timid and decisiveness and resolution when you are wavering.

The second are friends who remain loyal and trustworthy. These friends are honest and sincere in their dealings with others and they are never fake. Association with this kind of friend makes us feel calm, at ease and safe, they purify and raise our spirits.


The third type of friend is the well-informed friend, they possess a great deal of knowledge about a great many things, they love to read and have usually seen a lot of the world. When you find yourself dithering over a problem, unable to come to a decision, you would be well advised to see your well-informed friend. That friends wide ranging knowledge and experience will help you with your choice.

Having a well-informed friend is like owning a huge volume of encyclopedia; we can learn many valuable lessons from their knowledge and experience.

Confucius also said there are three types of bad friends, the ingratiating in action, the pleasant in appearance and the plausible in speech, and that to have these three types of friends is ‘to lose’. So how can we tell what kind of people they are?


By the ingratiating in action, Confucius meant flatterers, fawners, and shameless sycophants.

We often find these sort of people in our lives, they will always say things like ‘ That’s so brilliant’, whatever you do they will always say ‘ That’s amazing’, they will never say ‘No’ to you.  On the contrary they will follow you and take their tone from yours, praising you and paying you compliments.

This type of friend has the great talent of weighing your words and watching your expressions. They change their direction depending on the way the wind is blowing. Making sure they never do anything to displease you.

They are the direct opposite to the straight friend. The hearts of these people are neither straightforward nor honest, and they have no sense of right or wrong. Their aim is to make you happy, but only so that they get something out of it.

As Confucius says, making friends with this type of person is dangerous!


After being told all the things you want to hear, and flattered into a state of contentment, it will start to go to your head, your ego will grow uncontrollably and you will become blindly self-centered and self-important, caring for nobody but yourself. You will loose the capacity for self-awareness and it will not take long for you to bring disaster down upon your own head.

This kind of friend is slow poison for your soul.

The second kind of bad friend is the one Confucius called ‘the pleasant in appearance’, or two-faced. They will be all smiles and sweetness to your face, positively beaming as they dish out the compliments and flattery. But behind your back they will spread rumors and malicious slander.

We often hear of people complaining ‘That friend of mine seemed so kind and loving, their speech was so gentle, their behavior so thoughtful, I believed they were my dearest, closest and most intimate friend’. I was so committed to them, I poured out my heart to them, told them my deepest secrets. But they betrayed me, abused my trust for their own benefit, started rumors about me, spread my secrets and destroyed my character. And when I confronted them, they had the shame to deny it to my face and put on a show of injured innocence for all to see.’

This kind of person is false and hypocritical, the exact opposite of the frankness and honesty of the loyal and trustworthy friend.

People like this are the true ‘pretty people’ p petty and with darkness in their hearts. However, these types of people often wear a mask of goodness. Because they have an ulterior motive, they will be very friendly towards you, they might even be ten tomes nicer to you than somebody with no hidden agenda. So if you are not careful and let yourself get used by this person, you will find you have fitted restraints to your own wrists, this friend will not let you go unless you pay a heavy price. This is a test of our judgment, and of our understanding of people and the ways of this world.

The third kind of bad friend is the one Confucius called  ‘the plausible in speech’, referring to the people who brag all the time and exaggerate. Most people would now call them ‘Fast Talkers’.

There is nothing this type of person doesn’t know, and no argument they don’t understand. These people talk continuously, dragging you along with their momentum until you can’t help believing them. But apart for this gift of the gab, they have nothing else to offer.

There is a clear difference between this type of person and the ‘well informed’, which is that this kind of person has no real talent or knowledge. A person who is plausible in speech has a glib tongue, but nothing inside to back it up.

Confucius was always suspicious of glib people and their sweet words. They should speak less and do more. Confucius believed that it is not what a person says but what they do that matters.

Of course, in our modern society there has been a change in attitudes and values: if people with real talent and true scholarship cannot communicate effectively and do not get their meaning across, it will obstruct their careers and their lives.

However, if someone can only talk, and has no real skill, it is far more harmful.


If you want to make good friends, and avoid making bad, you need two things: the first is the desire to make good friends, the second is the ability to do so.

We know how important ‘benevolence’ and ‘wisdom’ are and they are key if we wish to make good friends. The desire to make good friends comes from benevolence and the ability to make them from wisdom.

Fan Chi one of Confucius’s students asked, “What did he mean by benevolence, Confucius answered with only two words: ’Loving People’.

Fan Chi then asked then what is this thing called Wisdom?

Confucius replied, again with just two words: ‘Knowing People’. To understand people is to be wise.

If we want to make good friends, we must first have a kind, benevolent heart, be willing to get close to people, and have the desire to make friends; second, we must have the ability to discriminate. Only in this way can one make friends of real value. Once you have this basic standard, you will be well on your way to making friends of the very best kind.

In a sense, making a good friend is the beginning of a beautiful new chapter in our lives. Our friends are like a mirror: by watching them, we can see where we ourselves fall short.

 Make friends who are happy, and can take pleasure in their lives the way they are right now!


Almost everyone in China knows Tao Yuanming, one of the first recluses who would never compromise on his ideals, and who became the founder of the pastoral school of poetry. Tao Yuanming lived in rather straitened circumstances, but he had a very happy life. The Southern Histories tell us that Tao Yuanming had no knowledge of music, but he owned a zither. This zither was just a big length of wood; it did not even have any strings. Every time he invited his friends to his house, he would stroke this piece of wood, saying he was playing the zither, and he would pour his heart into his playing, sometimes playing for hours until he was weeping audibly. And every time he did this, those friends who really understood music were also visibly moved. Tao Yuanming would play out the music of his soul on his string less zither, while his friends drank wine and talked happily amongst themselves. Afterwards, he would say: ‘I am drunk and I want to sleep, you may go.’ The friends left without making a fuss, and continued to meet on similar occasions in the future.



Friends like this are true friends, because your souls share an unspoken understanding. And this kind of life is truly happy.







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