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Trees…Who needs them! What have they ever done for us?

Published 01/04/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


I was recalling a famous Monty Python sketch from ‘The Life of Brian’ When they were debating ‘What did the Romans ever do for us’! And then via tongue in cheek answers one of the actors (John Cleese I think) mentioned, ‘Well, they did bring us roads’!, and another said, ‘Well apart from roads, what did the Romans ever do for us’? and the reply was , ‘Well they did bring us sanitation’! and the reply was, ‘Well apart from roads and sanitation..what did the Romans ever do for us’? and the reply went on with ‘Well, they did bring us law and order’!…and on and on the sketch went, very funny in my opinion 🙂

…Of course the Romans did bring a lot to humanity, not all good I haste to add! but this brings me back to my point about trees.

Trees are the lungs of our earth and we are cutting them down at ever alarming rates, wiping out whole eco systems and many species of flora and fauna in the process. In fact, I wonder how many species have been wiped from the face of our earth that we did not even know existed!

The picture above says it all really, we place so much thought, investment and care for material things like computers and the internet but no real care or investment at all on making sure we have air to breathe!

Next time you exhausted maybe after a run or when you come up to the surface after swimming under water and you take a breath of life giving air….remember, our trees helped give you that breath, that fresh air that fills your lungs and allows your body to continue on its pathway.

Namaste with Love

Why Oh Why Are We Allowing This To Happen?

Published 17/03/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

Our natural world, our forests, our oceans and our wildlife is disappearing fast, all in the name of consumerism, we the consumers are allowing these corporations to destroy our would, our children or their children will not have the privilege to know what wildlife is, they will not know what a rain forest is, they will not know what a Rhino, a tiger or an Elephant is! These beautiful creatures like the Dodo will be forgotten forever and placed in some sort of electronic history book…. a picture of time gone by…another beautiful animal lost forever!

Its a sad, sad world we live in, that we allow ourselves to look at images or video’s like this and do nothing!

Tears are in my eyes

Namaste with Love to all living things

‘Mother Earth’ law to protect Bolivia forests – Americas – Al Jazeera English

Published 04/01/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

'Mother Earth' law to protect Bolivia forests – Americas – Al Jazeera English.

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