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Drop and Give Me Zen!

Published 15/05/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


Getting rid of your baggage and moving on with your life, a new life without regrets, limiting beliefs, shaking off any resentment, jealousy and hatred you may be holding on to from previous life experiences. Forgetting and letting go of your worries, anxieties and concerns and certainly dropping any doubts you may be holding on to regarding your abilities and your future.

Remember my friends ‘A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With The First Step’, so now is the time for you to start again, place a stake in the ground with an arrow facing forward, don’t look back and stop re-living past experiences because the past is the past and you cannot change it no matter how hard you try, how many tears you shed, the past still remains in the past, so move on, and whilst you are here standing right next to this fresh stake you just placed in the ground, don’t worry about tomorrow either because you cannot influence tomorrow, it will come, and whatever will be; will be!…

So, today is the day, today is for living, ‘Now’ is your time, so enjoy, open your eyes, open your heart and see the wonderful world around you, be grateful for what you have in your life right now, give thanks for who you are, give thanks for the love you have in your life, give thanks for the people supporting you in your life, give thanks for the abundance you have in your life and give thanks for you, honour you, for you are a child of God/goddess/source whatever you choose to believe in, but you are you and your life is what you make of it….so……………….

Live, Love, be happy, be compassionate and wear a smile on your face ‘Now’

Have a wonderful weekend my friends

Namaste with Love



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