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Communication and the Lost Art of Conversation

Published 17/02/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


Communication and The Lost Art of Conversation

I’m here in a restaurant, no one is talking
Heads down
Peering into their hands
Their iPhone, their iPad, their electronic Screens

The screen that takes them away from reality
To other worlds of fantasy of dreams
Are they free or caught in a trap?
The world of lost communication, of direction being re-directed

Friends, families and loved ones
All heads down, fingers moving swiftly, click, click click
Sitting together with no conversation, no signs of life
All lost in their own little world

Worlds of self
Worlds of fantasy
Worlds of intrigue
Worlds of gossip

No love, no compassion, no cares here
In and out, one sight then the next
Moving on with no loyalty and no love lost
Today number one, tomorrow dead and gone

No face-to-face communication, no words spoken
Growing up, and growing old
No life skills, no interaction
All signs of visible life are lost

Confusion reigns and body language gone
The selfie to show whom you are
But are you that selfie or is it fake
Your alter Ego taking control

Where will it end?
The corporations richer, manipulating our fingers to their hearts desire
More controls over us, our thoughts, our lives
The lost art of communication

The End

Namaste with Love

To speak…easy or not?….Tears will Flow without a doubt!

Published 06/11/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

My Dear Friends,

I seem to be on a roll with video’s these past few days and I came across this tear jerking video of a young boy in the UK who was bullied at school because of his speech impediment. Through the care and patience of his teacher and his own determination improve his speah there was a breakthrough, a wonderful story that just shows us that we can and do make differences to other peoples lives, we just need to DO IT!…..This brave young man fought back, not through violence but through his own courage and determination and through the love in his heart.

May God bless him and all the teachers in our world that today and everyday make a difference!

Namaste with Love





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