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Music, it has the power to heal our world and bring about Peace

Published 08/07/2015 by inspiringyourspirit

Music my dear friends can take you to another place, it can bring tears to your eyes, it can bring you relief, it can bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart. Music can help us heal our world, the sweet sounds from music from all every country of our world unites people, it brings us together in celebration and has been with us since the dawn of time, we should use music to bring countries and religions together and create a platform for us to communicate with one goal…peace and happiness.

The first video shows Donald, a homeless man in Florida USA, as you will see, he may be down on his luck but he has soul, he has love in his heart, he has the memory of music running through his veins. Bless him and bless his life 🙂

A homeless man in Florida play the piano beautifully, his name is Donald.
Check out Donalds facebook page where you can read the latest news on him, where he is and how hes doing!…

The second video is an impromptu performance on a piano at St Pancras railway station in London by a rail passenger Henri Herbert. The sweet music he plays filled my heart with joy and made my day 🙂

Henri Herbert, keyboard player with the Jim Jones Revue (a high octane rock and roll band from London), gives an impromptu performance on the concourse of St Pancras International station, London
He cites Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Albert Ammons and Pete Johnson as having influenced his style.

The piano he is playing in this clip is one of several that were placed around railway station concourses in London last summer, for any member of the public to play. Henri decided he would give an impromptu performance to help promote an upcoming boogie woogie festival.

Namaste with Love



Spiritual or Religious, Which are you?

Published 04/03/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


Interesting graphic from Ken Wilber and one in which I am sure is and will continue to be a very controversial topic.

I would love to know your thoughts and which side of the fence you personally sit on so here is a short poll for you to complete.

Connecting With and Understanding Yourself…. Enjoying Your Life To The Full

Published 26/02/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


Understanding Self:

Getting to understand yourself, is an art form that many never achieve in their lifetime, many people believe they know who they are but actually they don’t have the slightest clue!

How often do you shut your self away from the world, and by shutting away I don’t mean going to the top of the Himalaya’s and sitting in a cave by yourself for ten years 🙂 What i mean is; do you switch off from the world each day, do you set yourself time each day to have no interruptions, in a room with just you, no tv, no radio, no newspapers, books, magazines, no phone, no computer,no electronics, no people, no children, nothing to disturb your time with yourself?


It’s not easy at first, setting aside time in what you probably believe is already a fully scheduled day, getting up, shower, breakfast, dressing for school, work or getting yourself and or your children ready for your day, attending back to back meetings, dropping the kids to school, picking them up, taking them to after school activities, checking homework, making dinner, eating dinner, bathing and dressing the children, putting them to bed, watching tv, reading a book, getting yourself ready for bed…etc, etc, the list is endless, or so we all believe!

We just don’t have any time in our lives for ourself!


It’s your life, you can make choices re your life, you are the master of your schedule and you, only you can make the time! After all, it’s certainly in your own best interest to make time for yourself, your body needs this time, your mind needs this time and your heart certainly needs this time! So why is it we are so bad at setting time for ourselves?….Well, we feel guilty, that’s why! We feel that we are being self indulgent by setting ‘valuable’ time aside just for ourselves,…..Bullsh*t (sorry for the bad language my dear friends)……., take it from me…STOP IT, NOW!, Set up time each and every day to give yourself quality time on your own, start small, it can be 10 minutes per day at first, try this for a few days then increase your time slowly to 15, 20,30 minutes, or even better 45 minutes or an hour, but make sure you set your schedule, set your time, your phone whatever to remind you to go and enjoy time with yourself, don’t give up on yourself, keep the commitment to this time each and every day and I guarantee you will start to know yourself so much better than you do right now, you will have no external influences, just you, your time is your own for you, only you and your meditation, reflections on who you are, where your life is right now and where you want to be, this quality time will enhance your levels of understanding for others, you will be more empathetic towards yourself and to others, your life will benefit from the quality time you give yourself…TRUST ME… give it a try, if you need help, I’m here to help you, if you need help with meditations, just let me know and i will send you some to help you along the way, but please, please my friends…get in touch with yourself and start to enjoy the rest of this life 🙂

Namaste with Love




Freezing Homeless Child (Social Experiment)

Published 25/02/2015 by inspiringyourspirit

My Dear Friends,

Please take a few moments to watch this short video and think about what you see, it literally broke my heart to see literally hundreds if not thousands of people in New York walking past this young boy in the freezing cold of day with no one stopping to see how he was, let alone offering him any help. Until the one homeless man walked up and offered not only help in the form of his own coat, but also the little money he had whilsy he also offered his advice and comforting support for what he saw in this young boy!

I love the words of this homeless man…“Im homeless too and We got to look out for one another”

Remember my dear friends “If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up doing nothing for nobody”!

Let’s together make changes to our world, let’s bring humanity back together where we actually care for one another, where we don’t chase money and things, where we don’t turn our backs on the needy, where we start loving one another and we listen to each other with the intent to understand…

We can make a difference, we can make change happen…but we have to stand up and say…… “I will”

Namaste with Love



Communication and the Lost Art of Conversation

Published 17/02/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


Communication and The Lost Art of Conversation

I’m here in a restaurant, no one is talking
Heads down
Peering into their hands
Their iPhone, their iPad, their electronic Screens

The screen that takes them away from reality
To other worlds of fantasy of dreams
Are they free or caught in a trap?
The world of lost communication, of direction being re-directed

Friends, families and loved ones
All heads down, fingers moving swiftly, click, click click
Sitting together with no conversation, no signs of life
All lost in their own little world

Worlds of self
Worlds of fantasy
Worlds of intrigue
Worlds of gossip

No love, no compassion, no cares here
In and out, one sight then the next
Moving on with no loyalty and no love lost
Today number one, tomorrow dead and gone

No face-to-face communication, no words spoken
Growing up, and growing old
No life skills, no interaction
All signs of visible life are lost

Confusion reigns and body language gone
The selfie to show whom you are
But are you that selfie or is it fake
Your alter Ego taking control

Where will it end?
The corporations richer, manipulating our fingers to their hearts desire
More controls over us, our thoughts, our lives
The lost art of communication

The End

Namaste with Love

Blogging Awards

Published 09/09/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


🙂 _/\_ to my dear friend Gina from for nominating me for the Spanish version of the Leibster Blogging Award. Here is what Gina wrote to me:-

Dear Mark,

Despite the language barrier, I just wanted to let you know that I just nominated you for the Liebster Award. I do understand this award is for beginners; however, I wanted to make sure other bloggers and readers had the amazing opportunity to see the world from your eyes, from the lenses of your camera, from your writings. My post has been written in Spanish. It is up to you, if you’d like to participate in such interesting exercise.

For more information, please visit: (There is always a chance to translate the page to the English language)! 🙂


As many of you know, i have received so many nominations for blogging awards and although I’m so pleased to receive them and humbled at the thought that you deem my blog as a worthy recipient of these wonderful awards, I usually accept the award in the spirit that it was intended but gracefully decline to take part in the acceptance criteria due to the time it takes to comply.

So, once again my friends and to Gina…THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.




Honoring the lessons of Native American Ancestors

Published 18/12/2012 by inspiringyourspirit

Honoring the lessons of Native American Ancestors



By Nancy Oakes

Many cultures and ancient writings tell of the time of a great shift. The Shift is literally happening now; we are privileged to be witnessing it. Not just witnessing, but you are a part of the new energy. The shift is a spiritual return to Mother Earth, a conscious evolution, a new way of reasoning. Many don’t recognize the evolutionary process but see it as a time of fear where the Mayan calendar is ending and believe we are doomed. The indigenous elders see it as a spiritual time of awakening, a new age of enlightenment unlike anything that has happened on this planet before. It is true; Mother Earth has never been in this type of danger before. We have the technology to destroy ourselves.

Herein is the message.

We have the opportunity to evolve into the new species of love, become one people working to heal the planet, and the Universe will support us. This is a wonderful time to be alive. Your assignment is to be present and aware.

Many wise ones are providing the road maps of books, lectures, and seminars. Millions of people are preparing to be messengers. Remember what the word Angel means—a messenger. It is a time of tremendous love on the planet. Messages of healing for our hearts and Mother Earth are everywhere. The Cherokee say we are ending the “Fifth World.” The “shift” is into the Age of Aquarius, the beginning of the “Sixth World.” But as I explain, the Hopi and Mayan elders say we are entering the “Fifth World.” The Medicine Wheel is another road map.

I was told that in my lifetime we will see the lies from the organizers (my grandmother called them the “Evil Ones”) revealed. I refer to these “Evil Ones” as “Church Fathers” in this book. The Ancient Ones and the indigenous people have and are willing now to share with “all the people” the insight given to them about the shift of the sacred Mother Earth. It is nothing to be afraid of my grandmother says, “It’s Mother Earth in all her glory guided by the Great Spirit.”
The Shift means we are human beings at this time changing into a new consciousness. We are remembering with clear minds what we promised and the possibilities that await us.
Turtle Island is the name given to North America by the Star People when they came here thousands of years ago. The Cherokee are but one of the Star People who came from the constellation, The Pleiades, behind Father Sun. We are the “Fire Keepers of the Sacred Light.” The Hopi are the “Keepers of Wisdom.” The Hopi, Mayans, Inca, and Aztec, to name a few, have the Knowledge of Records, (calendars, sky maps, and mathematical calculations.) The Cherokee people were given the task of caring for the Sacred Mother Earth but most importantly the Smoky Mountain Range. When the settlers and invaders made the people leave the sacred mountains, my relatives hid in the mountains and refused to go. We are some of those who were led by Tasali who is honored even today. The Star People were also given the information about how to plant, and grow corn and squash, and manage seeds. We were and always have been connected to the source, the Great Spirit, and Mother Earth. We owe allegiance to no man. Some will say by what authority do you present this information? My grandmother told me so, and her mother before her, and hers before her.
I lived within two worlds. One was the life we had in my father’s house, which at many times was unbearable even for my mother, and one at Grandmother’s where birds were messengers, the wind told a story, all creatures were sacred, and above all children are blessed, it’s all a lesson, and I should know the reason for my life. The circle of love was beautiful, and I knew I was safe with her. She would remind me often, “Write down what you hear and feel from your heart; you will need to tell the story someday.” “Grandmother,” I said, “the stories you have told us, do you think anyone cares, I mean about how far away from the promises we have come?” She said, “It will be time, and you will know, and yes, it’s important that the people have forgotten Mother and the promise to be caretaker of all that was created. The time will come.”

So here we are, and the time has come. Peace comes into our hearts when we are aligned with the Source of Creation and accept our assignment. It took me many years to embrace this simple message. Mistakes in relationships, marriages, and unhappy years of searching for the truth ended when I started to remember. I was awakened one day and a light came on in my heart and mind, a remembrance. I realized the message that was given is just as true today as it was sixty years ago or centuries ago. What was I thinking? That could have been most of the problem, I certainly wasn’t thinking from my heart. So I had to get quiet, stop the constant chattering in my head of “You’re not good enough- you missed your moment-you have to go to work until you drop.” I began to ask myself, “What do you want from life. Who are you?”
I am listening to her and beginning to repeat her stories. This is the message from Grandmother, “The plants, the animals, the water, the seeds were given to us, for us, by the Great Creator. The breath of life and our children are our greatest gifts.” We are beginning to remember why we came and for what purpose. It is to serve the Creator and honor all that was provided for us from the beginning. As the Hopi have said, “We are the ones that have come to save the planet.”
This is the time the Ancestors have all been waiting for, when we begin to honor Mother Earth and all the blessed children born after the Star People came. Many angels, guides, and protectors are here and more are arriving to help us. Do not fear, as this is our purpose in life as we were promised. You are guided by the Knowledge; it can be no other way. This is my Grandmothers story:

The Great Mother came with the Angels, from the star system known as the Pleiades, also called the Seven Sisters, and birthed a new planet. All would be provided and the only thing that was asked of the Star People was to remember from whence they came and honor the Gift of Life.
This is the Story as told by my ancestors: We are born of the Stars and will return to the Stars. From a small child I was taught to respect even the smallest creature, and all is sacred.
The Creator said, “I have created the Moon to guide you by night and the secret is this; it is your record keeper. Each phase of the moon will be forever, it will never change. You will mark time by these phases. The Sun will rise each morning in the East for your glory and warmth, and set in the West each evening in a beautiful array of colors for your enjoyment. The Directions of the Winds are North, South, East, and West. To speak the names of the Sacred Directions is the same as calling my name. Remember to praise me each day for all this I have made for you.”
The Trees became home for the many birds that the Creator and the Angels made. Each day the Star People took time to behold the beauty of the Tree. The Tree became the symbol of life, a remembrance of the beginning. I am the Tree of Life; my roots go deep within Mother Earth to help you to remember. The Tree was sacred to the Star People and they promised to be the guardian of the trees. All the winged creatures looked upon the Star People with love and they said, “We will sing a thankful song each day to you and the Great Creator for we were remembered in the plan, and without the Creator we would not be.”
The winged creatures were created to serve as messengers. The Creator said, “The winged ones will warn you of danger and storms. Look to the owl and the other winged ones for they have agreed to deliver these messages. We love you and do not want you to suffer in any way. These winged creatures are your family like a grandmother to watch over you.”
The Star People promised to love the water on Mother Earth as the “Most Holy One” for the survival of the new planet and all the living creatures made it. They agreed to be caretakers for all the waters, the water that ran in the mountains, the water beneath Mother Earth, and the oceans where all the fish and sea creatures live. “Take what you need of the sea creatures that we have made but honor their journey.”
The Creator and the Angels made the four-legged creatures and great grass fields for them to eat. “Share the water and the grass fields and they will remain a supply of food for you.” The Star People agreed to honor the life of the four-legged creatures and never take more than they needed.
The Creator and the Angels helped the Star People plant seeds and showed them how to protect the seeds for future plantings. The seeds were perfect and each one had a special design. They honored their word to the Creator to protect the seeds for every generation that followed.
The crawling creatures and the buzzing creatures provided a lesson for the Star People. “You have dominion over the creatures,” the Angels reminded them, “because you have the Mind of “All Knowledge”. You must not misunderstand; they are your family as a brother or sister. The bee that was created provides a great lesson. Do you notice how the family of bees works to protect the mother? She is a miracle and in her is life. We have requested of the bees to give you a gift of sweet honey.” This made the bees very happy to give such a gift. The bees said, “We will do this for you as you have remembered us in your plan of creation.” The Angels reminded the Star People, “The smallest among you has great importance, and forever the bee will not forget this promise. Should you forget your agreement, your gardens will not come forth.” The Star People were humbled by this great and mighty creature and promised to invite the bee as a special guest to all the flowers and all the gardens on Earth.
As the Creator and the Angels spoke, the Star People began to take their assignments. They learned the secrets and purpose of the flowers and plants as the Angels shared the knowledge with them. The Angels said, “Freely you have been given these secrets, and freely you will heal with this knowledge.” The Star People understood how great this knowledge was and gave special reverence for the ones who took the assignment as Medicine Keepers.
The Sacred Fire was then given to the Star People. Those who would protect the Sacred Fire held great position within the community. The Creator and the Angels gave the knowledge of mathematical calculations to some for building monuments and pyramids as sky maps for those honored ones that chose not to stay but agreed to come and go and become the travelers, guides, and protectors of the Star People. The guides and protectors would also whisper truths to the children born of the Star People.
The Stars for always and forever would be in the night sky to watch over the Star People and their children and to remind them how to connect to the Great Spirit. The Ancestors would join them in this promise of forever.
Each earth child born was given an assignment that was agreed upon before his or her birth. “Your intent is to serve the Creator; you will always know this. I am the Source, the Breath of Life. You are a promise of what is to come. Remember this. We will never leave you and have provided everything you need for life. We have given you the Mind of “All Knowledge”, we are all one and together for always and forever. The assignment on Mother Earth is temporary. You will return to us at the time you no longer need the body. Don’t be afraid; trust us above all others. You can always communicate with us; we will always remain connected. This is the balance of life, another secret I share with you. I cannot leave you. Your mission is to complete your assignment that will be clear to you. You were designed as you requested; so how could it be otherwise? Your conscience will guide you as no other creature has this design.”
It was said, “You are like me; remember you are made in my image. The Earth Children that you bear are made of the Great I am. I have placed in your hearts an unconditional love for the earth children, not unlike the love we have for each of you. As I have loved designing and providing all you need to have a perfect life, you will do the same for the children of earth. Each generation must be reminded and should not forget from whence they came. This separation from the Great I Am will cause overwhelming sadness and confusion. This is your greatest assignment, Dear Ones. I will blow the Breath of Life into each child, and they will be perfect and glorious. As we came together from the stars, we came with different gifts to give. Some will be healers, many will work as the bee for the benefit of the community, still others will be Record Keepers, and Keepers of the Sacred Fire. I will assign a caretaker to each creation I have made.” Above all, remember, the creation of life is the greatest gift to you; there is no other so miraculous.
So the Mother took great position in the community according to the “Divine Plan.” The secrets were shared with all the Star People, and great celebration was held at the birth of each child born.
These truths will help you to remember. It won’t be easy, like cutting the cord on old, outdated, encoded information and knowledge that limits your cultural and spiritual evolution, and that no longer serves you. The closer you get to the truth of the Divine Love, the lighter your burdens will be. Shedding off the old narratives of negative, misunderstanding and fear (us against them), to putting on new, lighter garments of love and “Oneness.” Whether it be emotionally, spiritually, or financially, making life’s journey with companions is very beneficial and a much easier way to travel.
What excitement is ahead for us as we all arrive together for the great celebration of life!
Our Ancestors are The Star People. On Turtle Island alone there were hundreds of tribes. The Cherokee, The Choctaw, Mohican, Delaware, Huron, Iroquois, and The Hopi, The Great Lakota Nation, also our brothers and sisters to the South of Turtle Island, The Masters of the Universe, The Mayan, Aztec, Inca, and many more. Grandmother said, “We are all the people!” This was the First World and our people were many.

This was the beginning.

Nancy Oakes is the Founder of Spiritual Life Style Center and author of The Medicine Wheel, Led By Our Ancestors. Learn more about Nancy by visiting

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