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My Valentines day tears

Published 14/02/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


Valentines Day Tears

Tears appear in the corner of my eyes
Like windows to my soul they trickle down my face
Tears of happiness, tears of joy
For my love of May

May, my love, my life
My soul mate
My world
My wife

As I write, more tears apear
Each one carrying my love
My heart is thumping
As I sit here and visualize her beauty

Valentines day tears
Tears of love
Tears of hope
Tears of happiness

Her wisdom, her compassion
Is with me everyday
Her love cloaks me like the wings of an angel
Protecting me, loving me

My Valentines Day tears
Tears of joy
For my love

Namaste to you all on Valentines Day
May your day be filled with Love and Happiness


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