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Don’t Forget How Beautiful You Are!

Published 30/10/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


My Dear Friends,

How often do you measure yourself?…..

We think we are too fat, too thin,

Too tall, too short,

Hair to short or too long,

Face too long, or too round,

Too poor, not smart enough, single, gay, disabled, black brown, yellow, etc etc….

But how often do you stop, think….. and realise….

How much your friends and family love you?…And..

How amazing you really are?

Never, Never Forget……You Are Perfect!….

You Are Perfect, Just The Way You Are…..

You Are You, You Are Special…..

And My Dear Friends, You Are Loved 🙂

Blessings to you all for a wonderful weekend….Stop…Think….And…Remember…

You Are Perfect!

Namaste, With Love



Cherishing the vulnerable Child

Published 17/01/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


Many people feel alone, unloved, and unworthy… and those feelings spring from within. When we start seeing how wonderful we are, how supportive, caring, and nurturing we can be, life takes on a whole new light.
But it takes opening up our soul and acknowledging our pain, suffering, and feelings of being alone before we can start healing. We must first embrace the inner child’s feelings… thus opening ourselves up to be vulnerable.
In this day and age being vulnerability is looked upon as weakness, something to be shunned and pushed away. But in reality we become “real” in the process of opening ourselves up to all our flaws… thus we can change. For growth never happens to a sapling it if shuns all the manure that’s piled up around the trunk… and fertilizer for the soul is just what we need to challenge our perceptions of who we think we are.
There is no way we can go out on a limb and be strong without first being vulnerable to our own faults. Those in leadership positions who think they have all the answers are not willing to open up and be vulnerable, vulnerability means they can be wrong… that’s something we are missing right now.
Being real means we can express our feelings deeply and know that it’s great. For we are being genuine and truthful and at the same time being caring and compassionate.
Being vulnerable means it’s OK to be afraid, but if we cover our fears with ego, ego takes over sending us in a direction where we are puffed up with the egos need to be right… unable to hear the truth.
For there is great strength in being vulnerable, and great strength in truth, for truth in the end is another word for peace, and peace is what we deserve as children of God, the Cosmos, The Tao, and the Universe.

Source Dr Paul Haider


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