Respect and Honour

Published 20/03/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

Today is the 20th day of March the ‘International Day of Happiness’ and I’m sure there are many millions of people out there all around the world who have NO happiness in their lives today! Their lives full of sadness, fear, hunger and tragedy.

What will you do today on this day of happiness to try and make someone else happy if only for a minute?



“What is important is to look upon everyone with a deep sense of honor, because your own heart and mind are influenced by the way you look at others. If we could do just that, we would be rendering the greatest service to our fellow beings.”

The young man above did just that, he took the time to honour the beggar and not just give him money but feed him food πŸ™‚


Treat everyone with Respect and Honour them as fellow human beings, if we all started to do this, this world we live in will become a better place for us all to live and for our grandchildren and great grandchildren to grow up with love, happiness and compassion imbedded in their hearts, minds and souls:)

Namaste with Love my friends


6 comments on “Respect and Honour

  • I couldnt agree more Mark… You would think to do that one thing would be easy.. ‘To Respect’ and yet so many do not even respect themselves in today’s world… So sad…
    Many thanks for passing on the reminder today I didnt know this day was ear-marked as The International Day of Happiness

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