What does Supermoon have in store for You? – June 22, 2013

Published 23/06/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


What does Supermoon have in store for You? – June 22, 2013

SuperMoon Energy Report
The Supermoon lights up the sky this weekend (June 22-23) coming up at around 9 pm Pacific Time Saturday (22nd) and setting around 4:30 am Sunday (23rd). This is the 3rd of the three Supermoons this year, and this one is the closest yet. If you don’t know, a Supermoon is a Full Moon that comes closer to earth – so it’s closest in position. Tomorrow’s Supermoon is the largest of the three.


So what does this mean energetically? First, with any Full Moon opportunity, moon illuminates. Metaphorically, it shines light on all the dark corners and cobwebs in your life. This enables you to see what needs to be cleaned up on an internal level – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Of course, being a Supermoon, the light just shines even larger. The theme here is being able to move past deep-seated core beliefs, releasing more layers of that mental and emotional onion that no longer serve you. On a physical plane also, perhaps its time to clear the clutter, look at what blocking or plugging up the energy flow. The physical environment is equally a reflection of the emotional and mental levels of consciousness too.

By this massive illumination opportunity that is occurring, cleaning and cleansing is not the only order of the day. Along with cleaning and purging, is the notion of realizations and awareness. Shining light on these cobwebby areas in your mind, body, and spirit, allows little realizations to trickle and come forward into your consciousness. Along with realizations, just like a 360 degree circle, then allows you to make better or different choices in life, whether it’s releasing what no longer serves, holds positive energy in your life, anything that is around fear, expectations, or limitations. Supermoon is an opportunity to become that much more open to miracles in your life, and expand beyond the limitations that currently dogging you. So the more you become aware of these small realizations in your thoughts or feelings, the more they will expand. There is a saying “What you focus on, expands”. So this weekend, illuminate the lingering and long forgotten cobwebs, tie up loose ends, take stock and ask yourself if you really need to hang to this (whatever level it is), and let it go. By doing so, you leave room for new and fresh insights which can then multiply in your life.

The last thing that SuperMoon will illuminate is about expression. Just like emotional suppression, hiding away the cobwebs in the internal dark corners, verbal suppression is not conducive to your Higher way of being. Everything that you have been denying yourself, shunning, putting down, ignoring, no matter what area of life, now is the time where you can no longer afford to keep the lid on. It’s time to take the lid and say what you have been wanting to say for a long time. There is no longer room for things things like ‘What if I upset someone, What if the other person won’t like what I say?, What if I offend, or the favourite What if they don’t like me anymore?’ This way of thought is no longer in alignment with your more expansive energy. And this SuperMoon energy, at its most powerful this weekend, is giving you the boot so to speak to push you out of that suppressed space. The gloves are off, or in this case, the lid. Take this time to use it. You will not only honour yourself by taking this step, but you will that much closer to really being authentic and knowing who you truly are – and that is a loving, wise, powerful person, who can equally empower the people around you.

Active Exercise for Today:
Take some quiet time and space where you can do this exercise – outside in nature, quiet room, etc.. Put focus on your body, from head to toe. Turn your energy onto your heart area. And ask yourself these questions:

Am I thinking things that are not serving me?
Am I doing things or behaving in ways that aren’t conducive or positive?
How are these not serving me?
Can I let this go willingly?
And just simply give it up to the Universal Hands that are lovingly waiting to take and disseminate on your behalf. Call in Archangel Michael too to help as He is very good at helping you release the unnecessary energetic clutter from yourself. Even if you’re not sure how to evoke an angel or Archangel, thinking His name will suffice, and He will be there by your side regardless.

Until July’s energy post,
Love/Olena G – IndigoCrystalCoach™♥

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