Give to Receive and Receive to Give-The Circle of Life

Published 30/07/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

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My Dear Friends,

To give, receive.
Be the wet fertile valley
That rivers of life flow through.
The full will be emptied
The empty, filled.
So be the empty, that you may be filled.

The greatest healer shares all
And becomes yet greater.
One who wants to be healed
Must become a healer.
And one who wants to be a healer
Must first seek healing.

Suffering gains meaning only when healed
And healing is meaningless
Until it is shared.

To receive, give,

Namaste with Love

5 comments on “Give to Receive and Receive to Give-The Circle of Life

  • Dearest Mark,
    I don’t believe in coincidences. Your posting is not a surprise for me.
    I knew I would read the written that would touch my soul. This Is So True! Sadly I’m in mourning. I have been helping a neighbor in need. In turn this has helped me process my healing. More importantly I gave of myself, and provide light to a neighbor in need.
    Light & Love,

    • My dear friend Anastasia, It saddens my heart to hear you are sad and in mourning but i feel sure that you have done all you can to help heal your neighbor in their time of need. As the saying goes ‘ When the student is ready the master appears’, everything comes to us when we need help.
      Namaste dear one, with Love

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