What Is Your Calling In Life?

Published 08/01/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


Having a Complete Life

How can we live a complete life, an ideal life that is full of happiness joy and fulfillment? The key to this success lies in making the best use of the limited time we have. We only have decades to live, and if we then subtract all the time we spend sleeping and eating, what’s then left isn’t much.

The sacred and spiritual task is the reason we came into this world. These specific tasks are different for each person, but most of them involve being of service to something greater than oneself. People who manage to actively work on their own sacred tasks are filled with happiness and joy, because they understand the mission, and they know what to do.
Their reward is a profound sense of satisfaction.

When they look back at their experiences, the people they have helped, the friendships they have made, they cannot help but smile. They have done a hundred out of a hundred things they wanted to accomplish. Theirs is the complete life, a life of meaning.

The sacred task is your primary purpose in life. I wonder if you have already identified it? If not, look for something that leverages your talents and abilities to serve a greater purpose. It will be a calling, something you are called upon to do. Discovering what it is will be your first step to start living the complete life of your own.

Have you found yours?

Food for thought my friends, food for thought!

Namaste with Love

16 comments on “What Is Your Calling In Life?

  • Hi Mark,
    For years I struggled and had great anxiety and angst around what I was called to be in this life. I will freely admit that I was thinking only of what my job or profession in life should be. LOL! It took me a while but then I realized that my job was to BE and my profession in life didn’t matter. What mattered was what I brought into my workspace. Oh the relief this brought me, and I will admit, a little sadness as well. Sad, because I then chose to release that dream of finding an easy answer for happiness and fulfillment. Life is not like that as you know, we must find it within! Wonderful site you have!
    xoxo Esther

    • Thank you so much Esther, your kind words are an inspiration for me to continue on with my blog. I’m pleased that you have found your calling in life and see your pathway clearly πŸ™‚
      Namaste with love

  • At first I believed that my purpose was to be somewhere else but now I believe that I am meant to be where I am and in either place my purpose is served in helping and sharing, always looking forward to a higher purpose when it will materialise constantly questioning my fulfilment so thank you Mark for your insightful reminder. Always Love, David

  • Parupakaray vahanti nadyaha, parupakaray phalanti vrukshaha, parupakaray dugdhanti gavaha, parupakaray edam shariram| Meaning, rivers are flowing to help others to drink, trees are bearing fruits for helping others to eat, cows are milking to help other human beings in addition to their own calves. This human body is for helping others. Capitalism has changed the meaning of life without any peace and happiness.

  • Love this! I have been really curious about my purpose in life for a while now and this post really provides me food for thought. Ever since starting my blog, my purpose is getting clearer to me and I am confident one day i will fully live it. Thanks Mark.
    Upasana xox

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