Develop Immunity against Negativity

Published 27/02/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


Negativity is viral. It spreads quickly, as it is infectious. Stay with a negative person for a while and you will be infected, from out of nowhere your mind will fall into a negative, downward spiral! You know very well that in your family, or in your work place, you are surrounded by umpteen numbers of the carrier of this deadly disease. Negativity is the root cause of diseases.

We need to discuss various ways and means to take care of this root disease of all illnesses of mind and body.

Let us not forget that the breeding ground of all mind-body diseases start with our thoughts. Is there anything that can be prescribed to rid ourselves of this most potent negative virus? Are there any home remedies we can use to fight off our negative thoughts?

Just as when you feel so healthy and happy when you drink pure water, you can also gift yourself the joy of drinking the positive thoughts of your mind that will eventually purify the water of your body. That is what you are, water and space! Your thoughts purify water and your thoughts purify space!!!!
It is so surprising that we are so careful that we don’t ever compromise on the quality of drinking water. We have the best purifiers and always make sure we drink pure water, uncontaminated by any poisonous chemicals.
But how come we poison the water of our body (approximately 70% of it is water) with poisonous chemicals and disease producing hormones, and suffer with all kinds of dis-ease! Let us not forget that our negative thoughts or attitude about life are more poisonous than anything else. You are not only inhaling polluted air, but are poisoning the water of your body with negative thoughts.
With positive thoughts, the water of your body can become purified, and lead you to health, both in body and in mind.
But this process of self-purification can be very difficult. Most people today are surrounded by and bombarded with all kinds of negative environments at home and in the work place! That is the reason I am trying to share with you all that until we focus FIRST on changing the INNER ENVIRONMENT, the outer environmental support will not come to us.

As you know, negativity is destructive. It destroys much of your natural tendencies to stand firm for higher goals of life. It sucks your energy from inside, and your self-esteem or your self-confidence is afflicted with this negative force. It robs your good qualities and divine potentials.
Your goal is to take charge of your thoughts, not others’ thoughts, and let them flow, not succumbing to the pull of the instinctive lower mind. Lift your thoughts with your own mind. For your mind can be heaven or it can be hell, either of which are your own creation.
Intensify your conviction that you alone can change the thoughts of your mind. Deeply realize that every thought creates an outcome according to its own nature.

In my book, Making Your Mind Your Best Friend, you are taught to befriend your own mind. Basically the idea is that through meditative practices you begin to learn to anchor yourself with the Spirit within.
Identify the areas that trigger your negativity. Identify the persons who push you into negative brooding. From now on try to evoke your positive energy. Always think well about those persons and try to be more conscious and alert when you face situations that trigger your negative impulses. You have to gradually lighten up the areas that suffer with lesser light.
The whole process is one of your awakening the self-management part in your mind, which unfortunately no universities in the world care to teach. The more you become aware of your strengths, and at the same time your weaknesses, the more it is possible for you to reinforce your strengths and work vigilantly to transform your weaknesses into strengths of your character.

The whole universe is continually supporting you if only you accept, acknowledge, and arise to the situations that demand your Mindfulness.
Keep working throughout the day, and when you retire to bed and are about to fall asleep, sit erect, relax your body, and focus your mind on your breathing. Feel a sense of calm descending upon your being and at that point of time impregnate into your subconscious mind positive affirmations about how good your life can be. When your mind is calm and your body is relaxed, the gateway to universal intelligence opens up. Then whatever you commune reaches to the subtler regions of your own being. Your transformation is assured. You’re on your way to freedom!

If you vigilantly work on your thoughts, and make sure that they are not like a stagnant pool, but like a flowing crystalline creek, then you can be sure that your thoughts will flow with the rhythm of the Universal Laws. From Laws of attraction, to laws of forgiveness, to laws of acceptance, and to laws of transcendence you will flow. Your positive thoughts will purify your mind, and your body, and the water and space within. You have truly begun to heal yourself from the inside-out and to immunize yourself against the virus of negativity!

By Baba Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

I truly hope you enjoyed this article and start to or continue to ‘Think Positive Thoughts’ from today onward!

Namaste with Love

12 comments on “Develop Immunity against Negativity

  • Like Attracts Like!……
    And I wish more would understand how we are energy beings, emitting via our thought patterns either positive or negative… What we give out travels out and eventually comes back to the source.. If we are creating negativity we have to be careful as what goes around comes around and it will return, but when it does as it travels so it collects like thought/vibration/Energy…
    So think Positive and you attract Positivity back…

    Our thoughts create our bodies illnesses…. dis-ease of the mind creates Disease of the body ..

    A wonderful posting Mark

  • Yes, it is true our thought create our world I like to put it as Vivekananda said, ““We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far.”

    And for this I think first we all should start seeing or paying attention on our thought & should believe that we do have power to change our thought & create the new one any time we want.

    Namsate 🙂

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