Revolution or Change…Has Russell Brand got a point?

Published 31/10/2013 by inspiringyourspirit
Revolution or change?…
Russell Brand is very passionate and he certainly has some powerful words and beliefs and for sure change needs to happen!
We don’t need a revolution to make change happen, but we do need to come together as humans who share a need for our planet to survive and for peace to become a reality not just a dream…I’m certainly up for change and I say we must to do something to make it happen!…The main problem is ‘Fear’, fear that we are not worthy, fear that the people we put into power in governments and corporations are better and stronger than us…We must remember that the only reason they are in power is because we allow them to be!Namaste my friends

10 comments on “Revolution or Change…Has Russell Brand got a point?

  • Fear is a dilemma indeed. I have written so many posts regarding “we the people” and that we are the many and “they” are the few. How then can we gather together in faith with the strength of honor, purity and light on our side and battle the few? It is not an easy task, but I believe the first step is awareness that we CAN. We are not without power, we the masses. We must simply wake up. This is what I am going to write about today my dear friend Mark. So that together we can continue to bring to light that which continues to be hidden in the dark – namely, that we the citizens of Earth are not without a voice and we can collectively change things by not walking in fear but rather by walking in the truth of our collective power and energy.

    Namaste dear one,

    • Sheri, you are a true blessing my friend and I do believe that we can do something special together, we are connected by the Devine Matrix and if we link to other like minded souls we CAN get our message across and bring about change to our world πŸ™‚ Let us think of how we can elevate our message and get it our via social media to every corner of our world and really help make change happen πŸ™‚

      I will re-tweet and re-blog your post as always, please feel free to do mine.
      with Love

  • Loved his Speech I must say Mark, and was tempted at posting it myself LOL, but as others of my followers had, I refrained… I think he has said what many are thinking and that is why it has become viral in its message..
    I think he was speaking about a Revolution in Consciousness… But you know Mark things for many here in the UK and in USA are getting really bad with High energy costs and Cost of living rises, And even someone who was speaking to my hubby who is in their late 60’s only last week said if the Governments do not listen there will be a revolution.. People vote Governments into power and I agree with you they forget once in that position they are they to serve the people.. Instead many look after number one.. And do nothing to stop Big corporations exploitation by their monopoly powers as they stick together ..

    So He hit a nerve of truth with he Public in his speech

    I am all for us coming together to save the planet, but some times in order for that to happen, we need to be shaken up into action.. Maybe Russell just got out his wooden spoon and did a bit of stirring… as he threw his views into the mix which are shared by many ordinary people who are seriously struggling to make ends meet..

    Thank you for the share, as I watched and listened again to his words

    Enjoy your day much love and Light to you and yours
    Sue xox

    • Well said Sue, I agree, we do need a shake up and this is starting to happen all over the world, prices are rising due to greed and profits not due to the cost of products or services to be produced, I see this everyday here in China, manufacturers are being driven into the ground to make products cheeper and cheeper but the companies selling are raising their selling prices all for profit while the workers suffer, this is the same throughout Asia, Latin America and basically the rest of the world too.
      You only need to look at the ivory towers of the corporates and the lifestyles of their leaders, same with government officials worldwide to understand where the money goes!

      Change is coming!

      Namaste my friend
      With Love

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