Peace, what does it mean to you?

Published 04/08/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


My Dear Friends,

Oh my, I’ve been thinking again!…..

I don’t know what’s got a hold of me since i’ve been away, maybe it was the quietness of my retreat, the contact with nature, time on my own to reflect and be thankful for all I have in my life, who knows but it’s great to be back and thinking again πŸ™‚

I was up early again this morning, jet lag has been far worse than normal this time and has been playing havoc with my sleep patterns 😦 Still, it does also have its blessings as being awake so early gives me time to just sit, to be at one with myself and to reflect and think. This morning’s topic was ‘Peace’ and what does that word really mean to me? It conjours up to sides for me, one is the obvious ‘world peace’ where all countries come together in harmony and bring about an end to conflicts between different cultures, religions and countries then the other is being ‘at peace’, peace within myself/yourself.

I don’t think many people actually find peace with themselves, they are always chasing around looking for something more for their lives, more money, a better job, bigger house, bigger car, a holiday, more clothes, a fancy watch, diamond ring, more education, just more and then more, also seeking happiness where ever they go, meeting new friends, going out more, socialising, building a dream, looking for love, looking for acceptance, looking for praise, looking and looking outside, a constant journey seeking out happiness and peace….but the reality is you wont find it outside, you wont find it in things, you wont find it in your travels, you wont find it in a bigger house or a new job or a new relationship…….

Happiness and peace are within…..

And once you come to terms with that then you can let go, you can free yourself of the chains that hold you back, you can become one with yourself, you can start to love yourself and find your true self, your happiness and your inner peace.

Take time out today my friends, take time to just be you, take time to sit with yourself and just be the wonderful you πŸ™‚

Namaste with Love



14 comments on “Peace, what does it mean to you?

  • Peace also includes the sense of a mother and father that their children will live, that they’ll have food for them to eat, and that they won’t be subject to a lifetime of suffering that could have been prevented. What does ‘peace’ mean to you?

    • Indeed, I agree. Peace means so many different things to me, for all men to be at peace with each other so that humanity can live together in harmony and no one, no one is under the control of another man, we are all brothers and sisters, we are one humanity so peace in my eyes is all about that.

  • if we conquer our mind than we can find peace in every situation , we need to understand the game that our mind is playing with us, if we understand this we will be in peace for ever…to be ourself means completely be in peace..nice post Mark, Namaste πŸ™‚

  • Point taken Mark and as if to magnify your message nature exploded over as with a thunder storm thus putting off a journey until tomorrow and indeed happiness is within alongside peace at that same level, as I like to think of it, of the consciousness. Love David

  • Wonderful post, Mark. Today peace for me meant a recumbent session this evening, reciting the Metta Sutta and Heart Sutra, with its mantra times 108. After a hot day and body exhausted, it was just what I needed. May you get reacclimated soon and be back to your own best self!

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