Yesterday I died…Today I Live!

Published 25/11/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


My Dear Friends,

Today I have more gratitude than ever, I am so thankful for every single aspect of my life because ‘Yesterday I Died’!

I went out for lunch during my normal working day, sat down in a local restaurant and ordered a sandwich for my lunch, I made sure that I told the waiter that I MUST not have any mayonnaise or eggs as I am highly allergic, and he assured me that was ok and took my simple order.My lunch came and I did my usual quick check inside the sandwich and all seemed to be well but after a few mouthfuls I realised something was very wrong, I started to get hot and my body was in reaction, I opened the sandwich fully only to find mayonnaise under the lettuce at the bottom of the sandwich, I quickly called the waiter and luckily I had antihistamine tablets with me so I quickly took 6, then called my wife from my mobile phone asΒ I knew she was only a couple of blocks away from where I was having lunch. My wife arrived very quickly and immediately called an ambulance, in between the call and the ambulance arriving I went into severe anaphylactic shock!

The ambulance crew lifted me onto a stretcher and quickly got me into the ambulance, I could hear my wife telling them the problem and showing them my tablets, I was hooked up to a heart monitor, in-line drip just before the anaphylactic shock took its toll stopping my heart and I was dead…..

I could clearly see myself rise up from my body and look down on myself lying there, my wife watching me, calling to me and the ambulance man pushing adrenalin and Epinephrin into my body then starting to do CPR on my chest….

….. I was with God, surrounded by the Ascended Masters, Angels and Arch Angels, it was peaceful and I was very calm and at ease, I spoke out loud to God saying “I will not come to join you today” and when I said these words the last hit to my chest started my heart once again…

I was back…..

Into the hospital, onto a monitor, given more medication a drip of adrenaline, antihistamine and oxygen, after an hour or so I started to come around and understand where I was, my beautiful wife calling to me and holding my hand, tears of happiness in her eyes as I opened mine πŸ™‚

I was back and intent on staying here…

Yesterday I died but today I live…..

I’m going through some serious emotions right now, my wife and I shared lots of tears together last night, tears from me; re the experience of dying, from the of the out of body experience and the coming back to life, and my wife for seeing me die and then the joy of seeing me come back to life!

My Dear Friends, life it so precious and too short, we never know when it is our time to leave this life, so please, enjoy every minute that you have, be grateful for all you have, live your life with love, with happiness and with compassion.

Namaste with Love, Always






32 comments on “Yesterday I died…Today I Live!

  • Oh my gosh what an experience and I’m so glad “you got you back” Mark. It’s moments like this, and I have had a couple too, that make you realize a couple of things – the preciousness of what you have now and realizing you have nothing to fear later. Thank you for sharing your story with us! Love to you and your wife!

  • I’m grateful that you’ve shared your experience. Even more so I’m glad that you lived to tell it and for how you experienced it. I’ve noticed that people who have near-death experiences shoe quite a range of responses. Some go into blame or shame of those around them or themselves. Others go deep into fear or sadness. Your response is one of love and acceptance. Your choices are a model for us all.
    Thank you for your beauty in action and living.

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ I will do my best to bring greater awareness of this because severe reactions to allergies take effect very quickly and most people especially those in the restaurants just don’t know what to do or even think allergies are a problem!

      • my niece lost a high-school aged friend when he sampled a ‘holiday dip’ that had a trace of peanuts in the mixture. he asked, ‘are you SURE there were no peanuts in here?’ and the reply was, ‘well, maybe just a little…’ and he said, ‘i’m dead.’

        his car was in the shop and the meds in the car.. he died before they reached the hospital.

        your story is complex with many layers and is one that many will enjoy sharing as they tell how you were given that gift of experiencing the peace of moving on, and also the gift of returning to share what you experienced and then continue your story!

        • How sad and what a tragic and crazy loss of life! It’s sad in that people just don’t understand, its tragic that nothing could be done in time and crazy that this young person lost his life because of food….It’s time there was greater awareness in our world, time for us to speak out and to bring notice to the ‘Little, so called Unimportant’ things that ‘the majority’ of people just don’t get or care about because it does not effect their personal life!…But it can happen to someone close to us and it can happen in seconds, the effect can lead to death! I am so sorry for your niece, she must have been devastated by the loss of her friends life . Blessings to you for sharing and for caring my friend πŸ™‚ Namaste, with Love, Mark

  • When you experience something so profound as that Mark, you touch the most incredible place inside yourself. And in it is the beauty at last, of touching and understanding that unconditional love within us all.
    You have seen and felt a great blessing, for their are no words to describe its beauty, and one that you will never forget, and be changed forever.
    You become that place within, releasing this world, and the realisation of a great truth.
    Welcome back, your journey has just now begun from a very beautiful place within. Namaste

    • How true your words are Mark. Yes, since this experience, my life has changed yet again, I do see this experience as a gift, an insight into the realities of ‘My Life’, the realisation of what is truly important to me, to have love for myself and to live my life to the full, each day brings new life and a new opportunity to live, not just to survive but to live. I will take another step each day and do my best to live out my life, to support others and help share my love as i go πŸ™‚ Thank you dear friend πŸ™‚

  • Dear Mark, Eugene had been up since 05.00 and told me your story over breakfast, but it was not until I read your words that I cried with you and May, sharing in some small degree the emotions you both went through. What a blessing for all of us that you are with us to share some more of this precarious life where we need to stay conscious, alert and awake to our strengths but also to our frailties and the mistakes of others which can have such a devastating effect on us as individuals and also en masse. Love and happiness on your return. David

    • My Dear Friend David, blessings of love and light to you and Eugene, you have both been such dear friends from afar and although we have never met we are still all ‘One’ and connected via the divine matrix and I truly feel you when you share your words with me πŸ™‚ I am so glad to be allowed another day, another day is how I will continue to live my life and each one of those days I will do my very best to help humanity and to share my love πŸ™‚ Blessings David, with Love, Always, Mark πŸ™‚

  • Thank you so much, dear Mark, for sharing this “experience” with all of us. We are deeply grateful to you but also to our G.od who knows when the time has come and when we are still needed on earth when our mission is not accomplished.

    Namaste, dear Mark, and all our Love for you, for your dear wife and for your entire family.

    A strong hug all the way from Spain and soon to be from Devon – Inch’Al-lah.


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