We Are All Connected

Published 30/06/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


Can you hold out your hand in friendship to someone or something today? Can you extend your arms openly to someone or something today?

We are all connected, we owe our fellow beings on this earth respect for whom and what they are and for what they bring to our world.

We are all connected, so share some happiness and love today, hold out your hands and extend your arms in peace, love and compassion.

Be one with everyone and everything today.



8 comments on “We Are All Connected

  • I completely agree. I had an experience related to this last week! The ‘Unity’ was speaking to me and I could feel it’s soft, white love. All areas of my life seemed to merge into one, along with everything and everyone else. I could feel white rays of light penetrating everything, coming from a higher level. Everything is interconnected without exception! 🙂

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