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My Spiritual Journey (Continued)

Published 19/10/2016 by inspiringyourspirit


My Dear Friends,

I thought it was about time I updated this page ‘My Spiritual Journey’ as I have neglected it for way, way too long 😦

Many things have happened to me over this past year or so, I have experienced many beautiful things and many things I would rather forget! However, I do realise that life as we know it is not a bed of roses, life comes with its up’s and it’s down’s, good and bad, happy and sad…Life, is as they say, ‘What it is’!. I

I do, however, also know that life is what you make it, life is how you view it and life is determined by your thoughts and your actions, we have choices each and every day, and most of the time we choose the easy route, the route with what we perceive is the least painful, the less challenging, and the one that sits closest to our comfort zone…But hey!, come on guys, the reality is all that you are searching for, and yearning for; sits just outside your comfort zone!….’Fact’

I, like many others am also comfortable within my comfort zone, I like to be alone most of the time, although I am a good socialiser and actually quite like it when I get off my backside and ‘Just Do It’!…But, I like many millions of others, I don’t often take the risks or walk outside my comfort zone because of fear, fear of the unknown…’Will it be ok? Will I be ok? What if?…Etc

My spiritual connection with my higher self, my sensitivity, my empathy and me healing energies have been gaining strength over the years, my intuition is really high and if I would only let go of my ego mind; fully, then abundance flows in my life, my life is filled with joy, happiness, love, and compassion, I go from strength to strength on ‘high’, high on life itself!…But it’s that damn word again ‘Fear’…that always holds me back, the fear of not being successful, the fear of letting people down, the fear of not generating enough income to survive and provide, the fear, the damn fear!…

My channeling has taken a back step of late because of fear, my daily meditations have taken a back step because of fear, my plans for my spiritual retreat have taken a back step or no step forward because of fear…..But why?….What is behind this fear?

So, yesterday I did a family constellation with a real Master, a lady who has been doing family constellations for more that 30 years, she teaches family constellations all around the world and yesterday I came out of my ‘Fear Closet’ and actually did one for myself…and it was amazing 🙂 She opened my eyes, and more importantly, opened my heart to what this fear was/is, she took me deeply into my own family constellation, we looked at all my family, my parents, their parents, brothers and sisters, aunties, uncles,children, grandchildren and the relationships within all these groups, we role-played my parents and as my heart started to open, out came the truths, the things that have been causing my fears, the things holding me back from living my life, from achieving the best from my life and holding me back from my future.

Now, obviously I’m not going to go into details of that was/is causing my fear but suffice to say I confronted them straight on, they were open right there before my eyes, I could see then, look them in the eyes and release them, and it felt great, I felt great….At last, my tears flowed, they flowed and they flowed, I met my fears head on, I took control, I gave the burdens that i have been carrying for years back to them as they were no longer mine to hold, and I stood tall; with a smile on my face and an open heart, once again ready to move forward with my life….


So, my dear friends, don’t allow your fears to hold you back any longer, reach out to someone who can help, message me if you need support, because there is ‘Always’ a way to break free of the chains that hold you back…. 🙂

Namaste with Love



What Does Success Mean To You?

Published 28/01/2016 by inspiringyourspirit



My Dear friends,

‘Success’…What does it mean to you?

Many people; in fact millions, tens of millions are constantly looking for ‘Success’, every day pushing forward trying to achieve it…but what is it?…Is success measured by wealth, how much money you have in your bank? Is it measured by the car that you drive, the size of your house, the job that you have, the job title you hold, the academic qualifications you achieve, how fit and healthy you are, the clothes that you wear, the holidays you take, the number of friends you have, how much you spend on ‘stuff’….What is success? and; how do you achieve it?

Food for thought my friends, food for thought!

I live in a society that holds achievement as a benchmark for success, I.e, you must gain the highest grades in your school life, then the highest grades and ranking in your university life, then gain further qualifications like an MBA; of course with the highest grade, then get the best job title with the best and biggest company, buy a car, buy a house get married and have a baby as quickly as possible because even this shows ‘success’, buy expensive clothes, top fashion brands, fancy watch, jewelry, send your child to the best school, give them extra classes so they learn more, achieve more and become successful!…Nothing wrong with wanting the best in life for yourself and your family…but, does it bring you success?

This, of course; depends on your evaluation of what success really means to you… and I often see all of the above bringing ‘No’ happiness to so many each and every day. People, friends, colleagues etc who are so tired, so stressed, so challenges, living in the past and also the future, with little or no love for themselves and or any idea what happiness really means to them, with circles of friends that most often are just along for the ride and then I look at what I see in the eyes of people in countries like Bhutan where their GDP as a country is based on ‘Gross National Happiness’, these people are not rich, they don’t have all the ‘fancy’ things in life, but they do have happiness, they live in the ‘now’, they have love in their hearts, they hold compassion for others and they are successful because each and every day for them is a ‘gift’ and they hold that as a measurement of their success.

Success to me means happiness, happiness means understanding who I am and holding love for myself, giving love to others, being grateful for what I have in my life and doing my best to give something back to my community, to humanity and to mother earth.

I may sound idealistic but that for me is success!

How about you?

Namaste, with Love



Wow….Let this little girl open your mind to her world, which should be our reality!

Published 08/11/2015 by inspiringyourspirit

My Dear Friends,

Please watch this very short video, words of wisdom for her parents and I believe for our world, this message as she said comes directly from her heart, she said her heart is empty and everyone in the worlds heart is empty!

We need everyone, including her to be happy, to be as good as possible, nothing else!


Namaste with Love



What Thoughts Do You Keep In Your Mind?

Published 02/06/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


Your Mind it a powerful thing, it can control your life, your happiness and your future….

What Thoughts Do You Keep In Your Mind?

Your Mind is not a dustbin to keep anger, hatred and jealousy.

But it’s a Treasure box to keep love, happiness and sweet memories.

What does your mind contain?

Food for thought my friends, food for thought!

Namaste with Love



Happiness, What Does It Mean To You?

Published 25/03/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


Happiness, what does that word mean to you?

The Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of Happiness is ” The quality or condition of being happy.”

But what does that mean, whats makes us/you happy?

Well for me, being happy and happiness generally is simple, it is often the most simple things in life that make me happy e.d:-

Seeing my wife laugh

Hearing the voices of my children on the phone

My Dogs wagging their tail

The comfortable feeling after a good meal

The taste of honey on fresh brown toast

My morning coffee

Watching children play without a care in the world

Hearing the birds sing

Watching the sun rise or the sun set

Being in nature

The smell of freshly mown grass

The sound of the ocean, waves crashing on the shore

Feeling the sunshine on my face

Listening to the soft breeze through bamboo leaves

Walking alone in the countryside

Meditation and what its peace brings to my life

Meeting friends on a Friday evening for drinks and some laughs

My dogs cuddling on my lap, fast asleep and safe

My spiritual journey and what it still has in offer to me

The unconditional love of my wife

I could go on and on with this list because there are so many things in my life that i’m thankful for and of which make me happy.

How about you, what makes you happy?

Namaste with Love




After my Free Hugs Post…Are you Smiling?

Published 12/03/2015 by inspiringyourspirit

images-1 copy

Do you love to Laugh?

We come into this world, innocent, non defined, happy and open to all influences, good or bad…..Laughing generally gets knocked out of us during our childhood until we reach adulthood with a very serious demeanour and outlook on the rest of our life….But, if you are one of the lucky ones that continues to laugh, who carries a smile on your face then good luck to you and remember to share this happiness with others because smiling and laughter are infectious….

Spread the joy mu friends…Laugh out loud and SMILE 🙂


Love and Happiness Music Video with Lyrics

Published 08/02/2015 by inspiringyourspirit

My Dear Friends

Here is a little Love and Happiness for your weekend, the music is by Mark Knofler and EmmyLou Harris

Namaste with Love


Here’s a wishing well, here’s a penny for
Any thought it is that makes you smile
Every diamond dream, everything that brings
Love and happiness to your life

Here’s a rabbit’s foot, take it when you go
So, you’ll always know you’re safe from harm
Wear your ruby shoes when you’re far away
So, you’ll always stay home in your heart

You will always have a lucky star
That shines because of what you are
Even in the deepest dark because your aim is true
And if I could only have one wish, darlin’ then
It would be this, love and happiness for you

Here’s a spinning wheel, use it once you’ve learned
There’s a way to turn the straw to gold
Here’s a rosary, count on every bead
With a prayer to keep the hope you hold

You will always have a lucky star
That shines because of what you are
Even in the deepest dark because your aim is true
And if I could only have one wish, darlin’ then
It would be this, love and happiness for you

And if I could only have one wish, darlin’ then
It would be this, love and happiness for you

You Look So Much Better When You Smile

Published 07/02/2015 by inspiringyourspirit

My Dear Friends,

I know I have posted this Kirk Franklin video ‘Smile’ before but I thought I would post it again because the message is so strong, and it certainly makes me ‘SMILE’ and all I want to do is make you HAPPY 🙂

Have a great weekend full of love and smiles

Namaste with Love



Happiness, Gratitude & Joy, So Much To Be Thankful For!

Published 01/12/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

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The smile of a child, laughter, tears of joy, a hug, the purr of a kitten, a dogs wagging tail, birds singing in the trees, the warmth of the sun on your face, the smell of freshly baked bread, coffee, a freshly cut grass, sunrise and sunset


Waves crashing on the rocks, the surf on a sandy beach, the rain on a window, fresh garden flowers, a walk in the woods, the sound of a gentle stream, the winds rustling through bamboo leaves, fish splashing on a still pond, the call of a dove, the unconditional love from your dog, the call from a loved one


A romantic meal for two, watching the stars together, planning a vacation, the love of a child, parents past and present, family, friends, enjoying your work, a good nights sleep, food on the table, meditation, love, romance.


imgres-1 images-8 images-7 images-9 images-14 images-10 images-11 images-12 images-13 images-4

Mother Nature, Peace, Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, Hobbies, Exercise, Angels, Crystals, Champions of freedom and peace, humanitarians, teachers, gurus, masters, artists, musicians, dancers, works of art, music, lullaby’s and hymms.

Fruit and Vegetable Market images-18 images-15 Fruit and Vegetable Market imgres-6 imgres-5 imgres-2 imgres-3 mother-teresa-1 images-20 images-19 Lady-artist dancers-among-us-02 images-21 imgres-4 crystals2 1235845

So much to be thankful for, each and everyday 🙂

Namaste with Love



Seeing The Humour In Our Predicament

Published 28/09/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

images-3 images-1 images-2 imgres-1 How-Laughter-Improves-Your-Memory imgres images


“If it were not laughed at, it would not be sufficient to be Tao.” – Lao Tzu,Tao Te Ching

Did you ever have a bad day? Everything seems to go wrong and you are completely lost in anger, frustration and self-pity. It gets worse and worse, until the final moment when, say, you have just missed the last bus. There is some critical point where it gets so bad the absurdity of it all overwhelms you and you can do nothing but laugh. At that moment you uplevel your predicament, you see the cosmic joke in your own suffering.

Meditation, because of the space it allows around events, gives you the chance to see the humor of your predicament. Awareness of the passing show of one’s own life allows a lightness to enter it where only a moment before there was heaviness.

Humor puts things in perspective. There are many levels of humor – there is a humor of survival, a humor of sex and gratification, a humor connected with power. Beyond all these there is a humor that is filled with compassion. It is reflected in the tiny upturn in the mouth of the Buddha, for he sees the humor in the universal predicament: all beings are lost in illusion, yet he knows that they will awaken from that illusion for they are, at heart, already enlightened. He knows that what seems so hard to them is from another perspective their own path to liberation.

Often the perspectives about yourself and the universe that you arrive at through meditation make you want to giggle or laugh. This giggle is without malice. It’s a cosmic giggle, one that I identify with my guru, Maharaj-ji. For his giggle was not of this world. It was not a social or personality giggle, but rather a cosmic chuckle, the delight in the fun of it all. His giggle was from the plane that gives us the term “lila,” the divine dance of life.

– Ram Dass



Namaste with Love My Friends



Spring Is Truly In The Air, So Now Go Find Some Love

Published 01/05/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

seeking love

It’s the 1st of May, the sun is shining here in Shanghai, its 10am and already 23c so a great day is ahead of us and to cap it all off it’s National Holiday here in China so we have two extra days off work …yeah 🙂

I’m so full of love, love is in my heart, it’s in my soul and I can see it everywhere, it’s in the eyes of my two little puppy’s when they greet me in the morning, it’s in my wife’s smile and her cheeky grin when she’s making a joke:)


I can see young couples on the street hand in hand, arm in arm, their eyes and body language is full of love, walking in the park, the sweet scent of spring fills the air and the birds and insects are full of love too, its time to get together with friends, with family and enjoy our love for one another. Smiles say it all 🙂


Look for goodness and beauty in your day and you will find them and all your negative feelings like anger and resentment will recede. When you are immersed in all that is good and beautiful around you, you cannot feel angry or resentful . There will be no room in your heart for such feelings, for it will be filled to the brim with joy and gratitude.

13 - 1 copy 3

Try smiling from your heart. Let this happen naturally as you cultivate your own inner joy from the beauty you see all around you today. This inner smile is vibrant, sparkling and full of life and awareness. You will know that you have done it correctly when someone else smiles back at you 🙂

Go out today, take a deep breath and smile from your heart…Live the day 🙂

Namaste with Love


Don’t You Quit, There is Always a Bright Side to Life

Published 21/03/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

dont quit_endless

Don’t Quit!

From the lyrics of the Monty Python song ‘Bright Side of Life’

Always look on the bright side of life.
Always look on the light side of life.
If life seems jolly rotten,
There’s something you’ve forgotten,
And that’s to laugh and smile and dance and sing.
When you’re feeling in the dumps,
Don’t be silly chumps.
Just purse your lips and whistle. That’s the thing.
Always look on the bright side of life.
Always look on the right side of life,

We often forget that there is ‘Always’ a bright side to life its just we loose sight of it sometimes.

If your feeling down and low, put on some happy music or go sit in the garden, feel the sun and the gentle breeze on your skin , close your eyes and just breathe, feel the air entering your nose and feel it passing out through your mouth on the exhale, calm your mind and focus on your breath, in and out, in and out, in and out, look inward and listen to your heart, here you will find answers, answers to help you on your life’s journey.

Namaste with Love
Always my friends


Clap along if you know what happiness means to you

Published 26/02/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

Because I’m Happy

Clap along if you feel that happiness is the truth

Clap along if you feel that it is what you want to do

Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof

Clap along if you know what happiness means to you.

4 Minutes of HAPPINESS my friends.

Namaste with Love



We Are Formed By Our Thoughts

Published 19/02/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

look for a small miracle

Mr Dear Friends,

We are formed and moulded by our thoughts.
Those whose minds are shaped by selfless thoughts give joy when they speak or act.
Joy follows them like a shadow that never leaves them.

Be careful with your thoughts because they will be formed into what you become and what you receive in your lifetime, act with kindness and compassion, give out live and happiness in everything you do.

And most of all enjoy your life with a smile 🙂

Namaste with Love

i’m feeling a little down today, so I smile.

Published 12/02/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

My Dear Friends,

I know I have posted this Kirk Franklin video ‘Smile’ before but today is a new day, and ….

I’m feeling a little down today!

But, Today’s a new day, where is the sunshine, where are my blue skies?

There is nothing but clouds and it’s dark in my heart….Where is the sunshine?

Today’s a new day, where is the love and the joy you promised me?

Today’s a new day.

I almost gave up but then a power that I cannot explain, fell from heaven like a,…. I smile 🙂

Even though I hurt, I still smile 🙂
You need to look up when your down, and smile 🙂
I know God is working so I smile 🙂
Smile 🙂 , you look so much better when you smile 🙂

Smile for me, can you just smile for me 🙂

Namaste with Love



Where does your life sit on the Happiness Scale?

Published 10/02/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


Hello my friends,

A quick question for you…Where do you sit on the happiness scale?

Are you happy? ….Yes? Or No?

Do you think you are happy but in reality you are not!

Happiness is very important, we all need happiness in our lives, but how can we achieve ‘Happiness’?


Edward Diener is the Smiley Emeritus Professor of Psychology in the University of Illinois. His nickname is Dr. Happiness. For the past three decades he has carried out research in the field of human happiness. It is not easy to measure happiness. Even the happiest of people feel unhappy at times and even unhappy people may have brief periods of happiness. In 1989 he created the Satisfaction With Life Scale (SWLS). The SWLS is a short 5-item instrument designed to measure global cognitive judgments of satisfaction with one’s life. The scale usually requires only about one minute to fill. (See graphic below)


In his book Happiness – Unlocking the Mysteries of Psychological Wealth he sums up the research findings on happiness. In his book he makes the point that happiness is not a place but a process. It is not simply a pleasant state that comes about by obtaining the good things of life such as health, a good marriage and a large pay cheque. Though it seems like common sense, happiness does not come about by collecting the good things of life. It is more a process, a way of experiencing life that includes positive thinking, meaning and spirituality.
The second major point he makes is that happiness or psychological wealth is important for effective functioning. Critics have charged that as the emotion of happiness is transient it fundamentally is an unrealistic emotion, the pursuit of which is a waste of time. However, research shows that this is not true. Positive emotions or happiness help people to be healthier, improve relationships, think more creatively, become interested in new activities and find work more meaningful.


“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so” said Shakespeare in Hamlet. The Stoic philosopher Epictetus said something similar – “People are not disturbed by things, but by the view they take of them”. So a happy mindset does help in keeping a person happy and Diener in his book gives useful advice on how we can maintain and foster such a happy mindset. The acronym he uses is AIM which stands for attention, interpretation and memory.
Most people think that it is the interpretation part that is important but forget that attention and memory are important too. To be successful at positive thinking you must first pay attention. Remember that old hymn, “Count your blessings, name them one by one…. See what God hath done… will keep singing as the days go by”. So pay attention to your successes and blessings.

The second letter of the acronym AIM stands for interpretation. How people interpret the world around them plays an important and significant role in how happy they are. People who tend to interpret the world around them as difficult and hostile are likely to become unhappy in their mood whereas those who see the world as a happy and friendly place are likely to be happy in their mood. Remember that song by Louis Armstrong, “I see trees of green, red roses too, I see them bloom, for me and you, And I think to myself, What a wonderful world”.
The third letter in the acronym AIM stands for memory. Research has shown that we don’t remember things exactly as they happened. A little inaccuracy in your memory is not such a bad thing if it enables us to remember with nostalgia the good old days which perhaps were not so good after all. Perhaps this may be one way that happy people differ from unhappy people. Happy people remember happy events and forget the bad moments and unhappy one do the opposite. Again research has shown this to be true. Happy individuals were found to have similar negative and positive events in their life compared to unhappy persons but they differed in how they recalled these past events. People who are happy by disposition tend to err on the positive viewing even negative events in a more positive or humorous light.


Research has shown that actively recalling good memories has beneficial effects on wellbeing. When people are asked to actively savor specific past events they report feeling happier when compared to a control group. An important aspect of savoring is focused attention. So spend some time each day thinking of you’re past happy memories and savoring those positive moments and it will improve your sense of wellbeing. As Patience Strong once said, your happy memories are like jewels in a jewel box, which you can take out from time to time and enjoy.

Try these out
Professor Sonja Lyubomirsky who migrated from Russia at the age of 10, is now a psychologist in the University of California. She is also a leading researcher on happiness. Here is Sonja Lyubomirsky’s recipe for happiness based on her work and that of others.

•Count your blessings: You can maintain a gratitude diary where you write down once a week three to five things for which you are grateful. These can range from mundane things like good weather to more important events such your job promotion.

•Practice acts of kindness: These can be systematic such as giving a meal regularly to an old age home or spontaneous, such helping an elderly person cross the road. When you are kind to people, whether friends or strangers, it gives rise to a cascade of positive events improving relationships all-round and causing people to reciprocate your kindness to you and even others.

•Savor life’s joys: Pay more attention to moments of happiness and joy.

•Thank a mentor: If there is somebody out there who has helped you in important moments of your life, don’t wait, thank him or her preferably by meeting the person.

•Learn to forgive: Write a letter of forgiveness to a person who has hurt you. Persistent rumination on past wrongs and thoughts of revenge have a detrimental effect on your mood. Forgiving increases positive feelings and gives you peace of mind.

•Invest time and energy in friends and family: The biggest factor in happiness appears to be personal relationships, not money, job title or even health.

•Take care of your body: Sleep well and exercise regularly and don’t use addictive substances. A healthy body is definitely a major booster of happiness.
Develop strategies for coping with stress and difficult moments in life: Hard times come to all but belief in a higher power or higher secular meaning in life has been shown to increase life satisfaction.


What are the sources of happiness?

Happier people are more likely to live longer and tend to be healthier, more successful, and more socially engaged than people who describe themselves as less happy. But what causes happiness? And can we change how happy we are?
Three basic sources of happiness
Researchers have explored three basic sources of happiness: genetics, including temperament and personality; life circumstances, such as wealth and health; and our own choices. 

We tend to overestimate the importance of life circumstances in how happy we are. 
We think if only we had more money, or a better job, or fell in love, that we would be happier. And we sometimes underestimate how much control we have over our own happiness. Psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky, in her book The How of Happiness: A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want, analyzed studies and reports that 50% of our happiness is set by our genes, 10% by life circumstances beyond our control, and 40% by our own actions. Researchers say that people tend to have a “set point” or “baseline” level of happiness, but that this point can change.
Even though genetic factors like temperament and personality play a large role, there is almost an equally large role under our own control. We have the power to make choices that can raise—or lower—our set point.

One way to become happier is to cultivate positive emotions. 
At one time psychologists saw positive emotions simply as the sign of a happy person. Now they are learning how positive emotions actually cause us to be happier.

Some of the positive emotions that psychologists are studying:



Here are some ideas on how to bring happiness into your life over a 4 week period:

Week 1: Keep a Daily Diary

Can you easily identify the daily activities, interactions and occurrences that make you happiest? Keeping a daily diary will help you identify the situations and people that make you happiest. Take note of these occurrences, which can be as small as listening to music while working, talking to a good friend, or spending time with your family – and slowly begin to increase the frequency of those tasks which make you happiest.
This step is about self-awareness and thinking critically about your daily reactions and emotions. Only by understanding why we feel the way we do can we expect to make lasting meaningful change.

Week 2: Fake It Till You Make It

This week, you are going to put a smile on your face even if you’re feeling blue, grumpy or burdened. A response called facial feedback indicates that when you smile, you send a signal to your brain that says, “I am happy.” Additionally, if you’re smiling, you’re likely to seem more approachable and happy to others – and people are more likely to smile back. We experience positive emotions more frequently than negative ones, but negative emotions are unfortunately stronger.
It’s important to remember that you aren’t attempting to eliminate all your negative emotions – such a task would overwhelm anyone. Instead, try to increase the instances of positive emotions (remember your daily dairy!).

Week 3: Create a Diversion

When you find yourself drowning in a sea of negative thoughts – “I’m overweight,” “I’m unlikeable,” “Why am I even at this party?” – you need to find a strategy to stop ruminating. This applies to social situations and when you are spending time alone. It may seem like an overwhelming task to divert your attention from issues swirling in your own mind – but all you need are 1 or 2 escape mechanisms.
If alone, put on your favorite song and sing along or go for a long walk. When in a social setting; try to concentrate on what others are saying in the conversation rather than what’s going on in your own mind.

Week 4: Random Acts of Kindness

During the fourth week of your happiness action plan, you are going to commit 1 random act of kindness a day. By feeding a stranger’s parking meter, sending someone a thank you note, or paying someone a compliment, you give yourself a burst of positive emotion. By practicing small acts of kindness, you will perceive yourself and others more positively. You’ll also appreciate your good fortune in comparison. Give yourself a self-worth, self-esteem boost by helping others.


And remember, life is for living so make yours a HAPPY one 🙂

Namaste with Love


I saw this today and thought of you,… yes YOU!

Published 16/01/2014 by inspiringyourspirit



Oh yes, it is important to make someone happy and it’s more important to start with YOU!

Come on, what are you waiting for?

Come on…you know it makes sense!

Come on….you are worth it!

Is that a start of a smile I see on your face?

Just a little one?

It is!

It’s a smile!

Its getting bigger

And bigger

Now your smiling!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Catching, isn’t it?

Now go give one to someone else

Namaste with Love



Laughter is the best medicine, Smile, Laugh, enjoy!

Published 02/12/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

My Dear Friends,

Please take a few minutes out of your busy day, smile, laugh and bring some joy to your day, please also share with your friends and family.

Namaste with Love


Today’s a New Day so Smile :)

Published 18/11/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

Today’s a new day and there is some sunshine, so smile 🙂

What does Happiness look like to you my dear friends?

I wanted to share some Smiles and Happiness with you all today 🙂

Namaste with Love




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